“I have led for three years a double life”. The Al-Jazeera Journalist Rodger Muller has to say about his research on the NRA, the gun lobby in the United States. The Australians wanted to find out for an Undercover Search, as the communication of the US arms lobby to mass shootings and amok runs to the outside work. He found out how the NRA is responding to firearms-massacre, as it puts members of the U.S. Congress, under pressure and the media manipulated.

it All started in 2015, as the chief of the investigative editors of Al Jazeera Muller in the Research include wanted. The idea was to create an Australian Pro-gun Association, as a cover for the research. This should inject events to the NRA. Muller should act as the founder and President of the fictitious group. To do this, he should wear at the Meetings and events hidden cameras and should hold on to everything.

Journalist rejected the NRA a

With the fictional group “Gun Rights Australia” he wanted to establish at the NRA close contacts in the gun lobby. Because of the strict gun laws in Australia, the NRA is a thorn in the eye. These are led by the weapons of opponents in the US frequently as an example for the Functioning of stricter weapons rights.

Background: in 1996, killed a mentally ill Australians in the Tasmanian Port Arthur in a killing spree 35 people, many of them with semi-automatic rifles. The government was at the time, and a ban on semi-automatic weapons, and called for programmes to buy back weapons. Since then, the shootings were in the Land of no Mass.

research on rope teams, with One Nation

in 2016, Muller then went to an NRA Convention in the United States. There, he spoke with NRA supporters about his projects that he wanted to loosen Australia’s gun laws. Even with Donald Trump Jr., the son of the US President, he said, and was shoot Skeet with members of the Congress are invited.

Then Muller by his boss was commissioned, the extent to which there are Links between the NRA and the right-nationalist and anti-Islam Australian party, One Nation. And so the Journalist found out, finally, with what means the US gun lobby worked.

One Nation asks for money from the NRA

The Al-Jazeera Journalist turned to the One-Nation-chief-of-staff, James Ashby. Muller arranged meeting between the NRA and Ashby, and Steve Dickson, a further One-Nation party member. Muller was with hidden cameras.

One Nation led by the Senator Pauline Hanson, ‘ve been trying longer to loosen Australia’s gun laws. At the Meeting with the US gun lobby Ashby and Dickson were hoping for a party donation in the amount of up to US $ 20 million, so the Journalist. Ashby and Dickson is to have said, according to the report in the conversation, that the party could win with your help and donations enough seats to get the balance of Power in the Australian upper house of Parliament.

US arms lobby

A year after the rampage of Parkland: The NRA reigns with all the Power

DPA NRA gives PR advice

Dickson said in the NRA Meeting, so you would have – quote – “the testicles of the government in the Hand.” You could change the voting system, if you have the money, Dickson, according to the report.

At the Meeting, declared NRA officials, then the One-Nation-members as you recruit in the Australian population, supporters of looser gun laws and mass shootings could react. So, it was Mortensen, according to Catherine to tell a communication to an employee of the NRA, at best “nothing”. If the media Ombudsman, but further follow-up, you should go on the Offensive.

media strategy

, for Example, include one should attack Weapons, for example, and tell you that they wanted to enforce their political Agenda at the expense of dead children, said Lars Dalseide, a press staff of the NRA, according to the Al-Jazeera research. Then, Dickerson said: “I love That, thank you.”

in addition, it was recommended that the One-Nation-politicians, with friendly media and reporters to work together. Dalseide had said in the interview that they wanted to have printed reports of people robbed, in which people at home or were beaten, and that a gun would have saved them. There is also a guest would have placed comments in the Newspapers or it would be helped to write.


Pauline Hanson, Senator and Chairman of the One Nation, is for looser gun laws in Australia

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the Prime Minister of Australia Scott Morrison was concerned about the research of Al Jazeera. On Twitter, he wrote reports: “that high-ranking officials have promoted the One Nation political donations from the US arms lobby in order to influence our elections and our gun laws to undermine those who protect us, are deeply worrying.” In may will be elected in Australia.

According to Morrison, the government had adopted laws to ban donations from abroad. The laws were adopted in November, the Meeting between the NRA and One Nation took place in September. If indeed money changed hands is unknown. One Nation denies this.

One Nation goes on the Offensive

In a Statement, the party said that all party members “have always kept the law”. One Nation also pointed out that Al Jazeera, which belongs to the state of Qatar, had violated new laws that prohibit a covert foreign interference in Australian politics. The party stated that it had complained to Australia’s largest authority for internal security and police, “because of the concern that the foreign interference in Australian politics in the run-up to forthcoming elections”.

“Al Jazeera is a state-owned Propagandaarm the government of Qatar, which supports Islamist extremist groups and not a legitimate media organization”, – reads the statement of One Nation in addition. “One Nation was invited by Rodger Muller, who now serves as foreign Agent for Al Jazeera’s on-the-go, to meet with the NRA and American business leaders ( … )”.

The One-Nation party leader Pauline Hanson had, however, voted in November for the law of the government to foreign donations. Both the NRA as well as Hanson were so far to the research.