The day of the emergency call, held annually on the 11. Held in February, is a reference to the European emergency number 112. To report on this occasion, the rescue forces, the fire service nationwide, from eight o’clock to twelve hours via Twitter of their operations. Under Hashtags such as #112live or #TagdesNotrufs you can watch the everyday life of a firefighter, or a firefighter live – for example, pictures and Videos from the operational centres.

According to a survey by Eurostat, the Statistical office of the EU, only 49 percent of that 112 is valid throughout Europe. Since 1991, rescue workers in the whole of Europe are at this number. At this point, the Notruftag to fill gaps in knowledge, and the emergency number of well-known make. In addition, the rescue will want to make services on this day, young contender for the Job of curious also about career opportunities, it is reported, and a variety of information.

politicians tweet

The CDU and the Greens thanked the responders: “Thank you for saving lives every day.” And the SPD is reminded again of the single emergency number.

The five “W-questions”

With the five W-questions, we were in a rule, as children, however, they fall far too often into oblivion. During the emergency they can save lives.

when is an emergency really necessary?

when we need to make an emergency call and in which case the on-call service is enough? To is also this important distinction in everyday life, tweeted a lot.

rescue lane: So it’s correct

The formation of a rescue lane in road traffic accidents can be life for other people is important. Therefore a lot of Twitterers – advertise, particularly on Notruftag also prominent politicians.

insights into the everyday life of the fire

Live, we can collect about Twitter impressions a day as a fireman or fire-woman. From the training course to the correct Emergency response.

On the day of the emergency call to make the many Tweets of the rescue forces, parties and politicians aware of how important it is to be for the Moment of an Emergency prepared. And not only on 11. February – after all, you never know when help is needed.

sources: – European Commission / Twitter