for Hours, the Paris fire brigade fought the flames, which raged in the Paris Cathedral of Notre-Dame. There is no easier to use because the fire spread quickly and the fire brigade had difficulties to delete the roof. The fire disaster and the difficult fire-extinguishing work is not over also went to U.S. President Donald Trump.

This tweeted from the Air-Force-One, that it is terrible to see the huge fire in the Cathedral. Maybe fire-fighting aircraft, could be used to fight the fire, he recommended. The prompt: “It is important to act quickly!” The reaction of the French experts arrived promptly: a plane out of water on a building to throw off, could lead to the collapse of the entire building, wrote to the French civil protection on Twitter.

Notre-Dame by plane, Humbug”

delete “Also in the case of the German fire brigade colleagues, is over and Trumps a proposal with astonishment, and faces criticism. The President of the German firefighters Association, Hartmut Ziebs, said trump’s proposal in the channel n-tv: “So you would have thrown several tons of water at once on the building and it would have been completely destroyed. You should be with such ideas.” Compared to the news Agency DPA Ziebs said that trump’s proposed “absolute nonsense”. The delete action by aircraft make, according to Ziebs “absolutely no sense”, because you achieve the opposite of what they wanted, namely, the preservation of the building or the Notre-Dame.

The Association-in-chief of the German firefighters added to the fire in the Cathedral: “We have an old building you sometimes do not know what to expect and where to hid things in the course of the centuries.” This requires a very careful approach to the firefighters. Although there is for buildings such as the Notre-Dame-use plans, could not expect such an extent, as it is the case now, and plan.

in Spite of the delicate use Ziebs rating of the use of the French fire brigade colleagues as a success, in spite of great destruction. “But the total loss was prevented and that is already a success.” In the search for the cause of the fire, the Paris colleagues will proceed to the evaluation of Ziebs “in the condition of the current building after the process of elimination”. Possible causes, such as lightning, or Explosion would be excluded. “Because you have to be very careful”, Ziebs.

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