in the Morning, before she went to work, watched Annette Alaniz Guajardo on your house a huge spider. This has used her sticky web as a weapon: you threw it at a bat, who could not get rid of it again. The animal was bigger than the spider and still had no Chance. Guajardo took photos of this hunting scene and published it in Facebook. Now they are deleted, but to see, for example, even in the case of the “Daily Mail”, the source is for the protection of all Arachnophobiker first linked below.

returns As the Guajardo home from work, she is eager to see what awaits you. What has made the spider with its prey. The Texan from Poteet lives in the country, for the Survival in nature of everyday life and of course. In this case, however, accompanies your arrival with a Facebook-to see the Life Video, in the is, as the bat is taken in the course of the day. It seems to be for a special event, the abspilete to your house.

This morning on my way to work I saw this on the side of my house. I love the country.

Posted by Annette Alaniz Guajardo on Wednesday, may 7. August 2019

to Whom the procedure of spiders with their prey is not entirely foreign, can think of already. Completely ensnared by the bat hangs on the side of the Guajardos house, exactly where the spider had killed in the morning. At the end of a long, amazing, tear-resistant spun yarn of the bat from the roof hangs out and acts so naturally, like people, have to hang your sausages and ham in the pantry. Whether and how much the spider has already eaten, does not recognize in the somewhat shaky Video.

That large spiders are able to hunt bats, is sufficiently known. But it is, as a rule, young animals are significantly smaller than the specimen, which was caught on Guajardos house. The repose of the soul of the Texan photographed the process, and later filmed shows, however, that the eight-legged, not to impress.

sources: Facebook, “Daily Mail”

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