in The tradition-rich “Eiswettfest” in Bremen Mayoress Karoline Linnert (Green) was not desirable. The 60-Year-old had to represent the government of Bremen-in-chief Carsten Sieling (SPD), who was invited but could not attend. It is the Protocol according to the official representative Sielings, but has not been loaded by the “Association Eiswette of 1829” to the fundraising meal.

“We are a gentlemen’s club”

Eiswett-President Patrick Wendisch of the “image”newspaper said on the non-invitation: “We are not a men’s club, with make this Gendergaga. Even the Pope would not be invited if he were a woman.”

The Eiswettfest hundreds of men come together to collect donations for the Deutsche Gesellschaft zur rettung schiffbrüchiger. The custom of the Eiswette there since 1828. Always on 6. January is clarified, the question of whether the Weser is frozen or not. The Eiswett-Enjoyed and guests come together on the third Saturday in January to the Eiswettfest.

wt / DPA