The decision by a Berlin Waldorf school, the child of an AfD politician to reject, after evaluation of the Berlin Senate, on the purely legal and completely fine. The approach of the school was not objectionable on this level”,” told the Senate education administration on Thursday. The result was a valuation of the Case.

private schools have a right to the selection of their students. The General equal treatment act (AGG) was only “of limited use”, namely, “discrimination on the grounds of racial or ethnic origin,” it said. Private schools might organise their teaching in terms of educational goals, worldview, methods, and content independently. This freedom also applies to the selection of the students. The “daily mirror” had first reported about it.

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Waldorf school rejects child of the AfD-politician – and solves dispute over tolerance

DPA Waldorf school is renowned for rejection of criticism

The Waldorf school had it rejected after long discussions by teachers and parents, the child of the Berlin AfD members. The reason given was in the autumn of 2018, the school see no way to take care of the child, visited the associated Waldorf Kindergarten, with the necessary objectivity and impartiality.

Berlin education Senator Sandra Scheeres (SPD), who assessed the decision as “very critical”. The Federation of Waldorf schools had declared, he wishes that the school consider your decision again. The Berlin AfD group Chairman Georg Pazderski language of “exclusion and guilt by Association”.

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