Despite international protests, has resigned in Brunei, a stricter criminal law in force, which, among other things, for same-sex Sex provides for the death penalty. The regulation, which applies since Wednesday, is based on the Islamic Sharia. Homosexual men face the death penalty by stoning. Women who have same-sex Sex, need to blow 40 Floor or ten years in prison count. However, Brunei is not the only country in which homosexuality with the death penalty.


12 countries punish homosexuality with the death, under penalty of gender Sex is the same but in far more countries.


The “Gay Travel Index” and the NGO “ILGA” lists these countries. More than 70 countries, according to the “ILGA”, which campaigns for the rights for Gays and lesbians, still with the Anti-gay Set against the LGBT Community (LGBT = Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Trans). Eleven countries ahndeten so far, same-sex acts, even with the death penalty. With the Kingdom of Brunei in Southeast Asia, since this is week twelve. Where “Queers” live on the dangerous occasions, show we here in the Overview.

African countries: similar situation as in Brunei

In Africa there are four countries in which homosexuality is not only criminalize but also with the death punish. Homosexual acts are in accordance with the law in Nigeria is illegal. In many Nigerian States is in addition to, still the Islamic Sharia law. In the most populous country in Africa threatens homosexual men in many regions, therefore, is still death. Women whose homosexuality is known, can be whipped. The same applies to the Sudan, Somalia and Mauritania, where in many areas under Sharia law.

the Arab countries: the death penalty, only a few

On the Arabian Peninsula are still strict laws against homosexuality apply in four countries. Of Yemen and Saudi Arabia will execute homosexuals. In the United Arab Emirates, is a popular holiday destination, it is still considered the Sharia, but it is limited in larger regions of the other Set. Nevertheless, the death penalty for homosexuals is not yet completely disappeared. In the Emirate of Qatar, the Sharia law, same-sex punishes Sex with death.

middle East: executions in Iran, the rule

In Iran, executions of gay people by Hanging. Also in Pakistan, the Sharia law is, theoretically, still legal, homosexuality is punishable by death. This, however, is not always to the application. However, sex acts are equally illegal and can be punished with life imprisonment. In Afghanistan the situation is for people from the LGBT Community in a similar way. Here, too, the Sharia law is widely used, but is no longer practiced as strictly as previous to the Reign of the Taliban. Executions are only “theoretically” possible.