After a fatal sword attack on the open road in Stuttgart, the Green politician Boris Palmer warns against the trivialization of violence by asylum seekers. Although made light of by the AfD focused and their followers, writes the violence of law, the University of tübingen’s Lord mayor in a guest contribution for the Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung. There are also many are blind in the left eye, the thought they were open-minded and tolerant.

asylum seekers Were the perpetrators, played down most of this as individual cases, or denied any political relevance, accuses Palmer them, and adds: “Had killed a neo-Nazi with the sword, an African, would hold the same people long concerts against the right on the Cannstatter Wasen.” the

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Boris Palmer has been sharply criticized

In Stuttgart, was killed on Wednesday evening an asylum seeker, a 36-year-old German with a sword. He sits in custody. The office of the public Prosecutor relates to a personal motive. The alleged perpetrator had stated, that he came from Jordan, the authorities anticipate that it is a Syrian who lives for 2015 with a valid status of residence in Germany.

the structure of The violent crime of asylum seekers is known, writes Palmer in the “FAZ” and calls for a debate. As had been widely rich derived consequences for the security apparatus from the murder of the Kassel government President Walter Lübcke, should have shot a right-wing extremists in June. “It is not, however, because any attempt at such a debate, as populist and dismissed, and as the allegedly racially-delegitimized is,” writes Palmer. He is criticized for some time and, increasingly, because of his Remarks on the refugee policy of his own party friends sharp.

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