What a discovery! Before Mallorca, an ancient Roman ship has been found in the middle of the holiday high season. Probably from the 3. or 4. Century after Christ the root end of the wreck had been discovered by a local resident just 50 metres from the famous Playa de Palma, which have informed the authorities, informed the island Council.

the ship had loaded amphorae with Oil and spices

This ship was ten meters long and five meters wide, and should now be examined by experts. Probably it had been a cargo ship, the amphorae and other Goods transported to and from the southwest of the Iberian Peninsula, coming a few meters from the Mallorcan coast was dropped, so the island Council.

As if it were a “major archaeological discovery”, had been cordoned off by the reference to the amount of Can Pastilla. It will now be guarded strictly, it said. Parts of the cargo, including possibly amphorae with Oil, wine, or spices, should be a report in the local newspaper “Diario de Mallorca” after recovered and examined.

Therefore, the Roman ship was found until now

Although the ancient wreck was not very deep, had it been discovered only now because it was under the Sand on the bottom of the sea buried, reported in the “Diario de Mallorca”.

Only through the movement of the water, the Sand had been moved and have brought parts of the ship to the fore. “I have handles a few Amphorae and necks seen, but I initially thought that would be already cataloged”, quoted the newspaper in the Finder.

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