The German aid organisation, Sea Watch has suffered in the struggle to your blocked rescue ship a further setback.

The European court of human rights (ECtHR) did not interest of members of the search and rescuers and Rescued to be in Italy to create. The Italian authorities would have needed migrants because of their age or health status of special protection, but continue to support the court.

Sea-Watch was at the 12. June a total of 53 people from Libya on Board. Since then, the organization waits in vain for permission to travel to a European port. The ship “Sea-Watch 3” is close to the Sicilian island of Lampedusa and not in Italian territorial waters. The prohibition is disregarded, threaten high fines, investigations and a re-seizure of the ship.

The German captain said it would, in principle, to drive despite the ban, the Italian government, in the territorial waters of the country. “I’m in Italian waters, and I’ll bring them (the migrants) to safety on Lampedusa,” said Carola Missiles, coming from Kiel, the newspaper “La Repubblica”. It was for the “Rescued” responsible “and can’t hold out anymore. Your life comes before any political game”. Sea-Watch, but made clear also that, so far, it was not planned to uphold the ban.

could leave eleven migrants, inter alia due to their health condition the ship. The people referred to the legal court in the reasoning of the decision: On Board there is currently no people that are in danger on the ship. There is therefore currently no reason for the application of the measures.

captain Missiles and around 40 migrants on Board had to ECtHR-information applications, a so-called provisional measure, to Italy, to the Land. According to this method, the court can be threatened in cases of violations of human rights to intervene and States to instruct, to remedy the situation.

The decision of the ECtHR, pointing, “that no one wants to take responsibility,” said Sea Watch spokesman Ruben Neugebauer. However, this can be absolutely necessary: The Situation could not last forever. The location on the ship to tip more and more to.

Since the populist government in Rome before the commencement of a year, were always blocked back ships of relief organizations in the Mediterranean, also for the “Sea-Watch 3” is not now for the first Time. A similar application for a temporary injunction of the Sea-Watch the ECtHR had not met at the end of January also. At the time, the 47 migrants were only allowed to in Italy on Land, after several EU States had agreed on their distribution.

Italy’s interior Minister Matteo Salvini sees the new decision in his course, confirmed. “Closed ports for People smugglers and their accomplices,” he said. In this respect, there is no going Back.