The Scandinavian low-cost airline “Norwegian Air” has taken care of according to a report in the Norwegian newspaper “VG”. According to an internal scheme, employees are likely to only wear flat shoes, if you had a medical confirmation of this.

In a 22-page dress code, the airline explains to their flight attendants about their duties. The heels of the employees would have to provide, therefore, a height of at least two centimeters. The flight want to switch companions to more comfortable footwear, so you would have to submit every six months a medical certificate. According to the dress code that was released by “VG” not women should wear only heels, but also with Makeup for work makeup. Male flight attendants, however, forbidden to wear Make-up, unless it will be used, a bruise, or an acne cover.

sexism debate in Norway

critics accuse Norway’s largest Airline to be stopped in time. “It’s almost funny that we are faced 2019 with these problems,” said Ingrid Hodnebo, wife, spokeswoman for the “Socialist left party” of Norway, to a Norwegian newspaper. While the Rest of society would have developed further, had remained on the flight line in a “Mad-Men universe”. The American series “Mad Men”revolves around a New York advertising Agency in the 1960s, and captures the sexism and the Patriarchal Thinking of this time.

“are Uniform requirements is one thing, but to dictate the paragraphs and Make-up, has gone too far,” said Anette Trettebergstuen, the spokeswoman for the “workers ‘ party”, in a statement. “The year 1950 to the rings and back to be a rule book.” The dress code is in the year 2019 embarrassing.

“Norwegian Air” rejected the allegations. Flight attendants would be allowed to carry in the cabin flat shoes. The medical confirmation is only necessary if Flubgegleiterinnen wanted to wear outside the aircraft’s flat shoes.

sources: “VG”, “The Irish Independent”