the harsh, absurd punishment rites in North Korea is much speculation, and often puzzled. 2015 is about to have dictator Kim Jong-Un and his then-defense Minister due to a “lack of respect” to execute – with a flak gun. This horror message has only been confirmed semi-officially, what is not likely to have the fantasy of the North Korea-Rapporteur, just grounded. Probably, therefore, it is easy to believe the messages, now that almost the whole of the Kim-Trump summit in Hanoi, addressed the ranks of North Korea in the doghouse is supposed to be – and some of the participants have paid for the Failure even life.

shot After arrival in Pyongyang?

Including the U.S. envoy, Kim Hyok Chol. A few days ago it was said that he was shot after returning from Vietnam in March at the Mirim airport in Pyongyang. Except for Kim, four senior employees had been directed, also, for a “study” supposed to be. The top Translator Shin Hye Yong was sent to a prison camp, as well as the leading member of the party, Kim Yong Chol. A report by the South Korean newspaper “Chosun Ilbo” according to, they were punished all in favor the Meeting with the US President went in February fruitless to the end.

Possibly, but the Regime in Pyongyang is not quite so relentlessly. Only two days after it was said, and Kim Yong-Chol had disappeared in a notorious labor camp, he was spotted together with ruler Kim Jong-Un at an art event, such as images of the state-run news Agency KCNA. The fate of Kim Hyok Chol, who had led the negotiations with the Americans, may be different than shown, if not much better.

Kim alive, but “heavy

punished” According to CNN, the emissary Kim is still alive. What exactly happened with him, but it is unclear. The U.S. channel is relying on “with the thing familiar sources” claiming that the emissary was indeed alive, but it’s still a “heavy punishment” endure to let. It is true, it was Kim put probably in a labour camp, where he, after all, what is of North Korean refugees, it needs to perform in appalling conditions in a very severe forced labour.


To geplatztem Hanoi summit: North Korea special envoy for the United States is allegedly


In the isolated dictatorship, there are Essentially two types of prison camps: labour camps and re-education camps. An estimated 120,000 to 200,000 people are imprisoned there. A UN Report, according to some of the prisoners to work themselves literally to death, dying of torture and malnutrition, or you will be executed. Already in the case of smaller crimes such as theft, the stock threaten. The most horrible are the conditions in the Camps for political prisoners, from which there is rarely an Escape.

lack of success is dangerous in North Korea

Better chances of Survival camps for the inmates of Reeducation – also, because the detention time is often limited. Not infrequently, high-level management personnel ends up in such Camps. Escaped North Koreans report that senior management can last months or years to disappear because of a “re-education” from the Public. Possible, therefore, that Kim Hyok Chol will occur in the future. Kim Jong Chol, so CNN, is said to have been sentenced in the past few months to write behind closed doors, reports of “self-criticism”. In North Korea, the usual Form of discipline. What ever happened with the summit involved officials, apparently, they were punished all, in any Form, and degraded. Lack of success seems to be in North Korea dangerous.

torture and barbarism

Ex-guard tells of the unspeakable Horror of the labor camps in North Korea

After decades of enmity, the two Koreas are approaching each other. But the horrible labour camps in the North are for the time being, continue to exist. A guard escape – here’s your report from hell was in the earth.

Niels Kruse

sources: CNN, “Bloomberg”, BBC, “Chosun Ilbo”