In the dispute over its nuclear weapons program has shown North Korea’s ruler, Kim Jong-Un, in principle, to a third summit meeting with US President Donald Trump ready.

However, Kim noted the condition, the US would have to present a fair and mutually acceptable proposal for an agreement. By the end of this year, he wanted to wait patiently for a “courageous decision” of the United States, was Kim quoted on Saturday by state media. Kim spoke on Friday at a meeting of the Supreme people’s Assembly – North Korea’s Parliament.

With the establishment of a period of time wants to put the Communist leadership in Pyongyang the United States is stronger under pressure. Six weeks after the failed second summit with Trump in Vietnam, Kim threw in his speech, the United States, with one-sided claims of his country to the abandonment of the nuclear program to force.

North Korea wants to solve the problems through dialogue, said Kim. “But the dialogue style of the United States to unilaterally assert demands, does not suit us, and we have no interest in it.” The United States would have to give up your current “calculation path and to come up with a new costing us,” said Kim according to the Reports. If the US is the right attitude to the day and a further summit should propose, is North Korea ready for that.

on Thursday had also said Trump to the previous Meeting with Kim and a third summit for possible explains. The two previous summit had been “very productive,” said Trump at a Meeting with the South Korean President, Moon Jae In in Washington.

Trump and Kim had met for the first time in the previous year in Singapore. A second summit followed at the end of February in the Vietnamese capital Hanoi, but the talks were broken off prematurely, since both sides were unable to agree on the dismantling of North Korean nuclear weapons. The North Korean side, in particular, demanded the repeal of a large part of the sanctions.

North Korea suffers under the sanctions of the United Nations and the United States. The US government wants to maintain the sanctions as long as the North Korean nuclear weapons program is not banned, the risk associated.

Kim followed Trump with the Statement that both had an “excellent” personal relationship. You could, at any time, to exchange letters, Haber said. The summit of Hanoi, have “raised serious questions whether the steps we have made in our strategic decision was the right one”. In Singapore, Kim had agreed to a “complete denuclearization” ready, but it lacked the since concrete Commitments as to when nuclear weapons should be disarmed.

Kim accused South Korea in his speech to convey with the attempt between Pyongyang and Washington to go too far. Kim called on the neighboring country to focus more on the development of the inter-Korean relations. As a response to Kim’s speech, the office of the South Korea, said Korean President, the government will continue to do everything we can “to maintain the current impulse for a dialogue and to help the negotiations between the United States and North Korea will be included at an early date”.

The Supreme people’s Assembly confirmed Kim on Thursday as the Chairman of the Commission for Affairs of state, and thus at the highest state post.


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