North Korea has fired early Friday morning (local time), according to South Korean data, two short-range missiles from its East coast.

This was already the third missile test within days, according to the latest reports from the South Korean General staff in Seoul, as the Agency Yonhap reported. “We continue to monitor the situation, should there be more kills, and remain in readiness,” it said.

In the preceding week, had fired at North Korean missiles, and this was The leadership in Pyongyang this as a response to military exercises in South Korea shown. Two more rockets on Wednesday and were portrayed by Pyongyang as a Test of a new rocket launch system that will take according to the state Agency KCNA, a key role for military ground operations.

U.S. President Donald Trump played the test on Thursday again. There had never been an agreement on short-range missiles, he said in front of journalists. He had no Problem with that.

North Korea experts are of the view that the missile tests aimed, above all, a message to the United States. “The provocations are carefully calibrated. North Korea will continue to escalate unless the US change in the denuclearization negotiations, their Position,” says Go Myong-hyun of the Seoul think tank the Asan Institute.

UN resolutions, North Korea has repeatedly tested nuclear weapons – a ban on the launches of ballistic missiles of short, medium and long range. Such missiles are usually surface-to-surface missile, which can carry a conventional, chemical, biological, or nuclear warhead.

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