North Korea has tested as a response to the joint maneuvers of South Korea and the USA, apparently, again, missiles. Two bullets had been fired into the sea of Japan, informed the South Korean General staff on Tuesday. The bullets, in which it was first estimated that short-range missiles, had been launched early in the Morning from the East coast. You have reached a maximum height of 37 kilometres and 450 kilometres were flown far.

In one of the state North Korean news Agency KCNA published opinion, a spokeswoman for the foreign Ministry threatened that the government “will find a new way” – without the elaborate, such as this appearance will. The missile tests were a reaction to the ongoing joint military exercise of South Korean and US forces. The arrival of a nuclear-powered U.S. submarine in the South Korean port have forced North Korea to develop its weapons program. “Although the U.S. and South Korean authorities apply all sorts of Tricks to justify the joint military Exercise, can be used to cover up their aggressive nature nor in any way glossed over.”