The Communist leadership in North Korea, on Sunday for the second Time since the coming to power of Kim Jong-Un to choose a new Supreme people’s Assembly. The current 687 members of the people’s Assembly, North Korea’s Parliament, had been elected five years ago.

The elections in the well-isolated country as a matter of form. Pro choice circle only one of the ruling workers ‘ party candidate nominated to occurs usually. The voters can vote in your district only with Yes or no.

For the 2014 election, had also the power of commander-in-chief Kim Jong-Un in the people’s Assembly to choose. To him the Supreme Power in the state had been transferred after the death of his father Kim Jong Il by the end of 2011. Observers in South Korea expect Kim brings their own followers in the new people’s Assembly.

The members of a usually occur only once or twice a year. The meetings are largely decisions made by the state to be ratified leadership.