Loud engine sounds are not for everyone. While many car enthusiasts will be delighted at the Roar of the engines, the sound is just much too loud and unpleasant.

The Saarland, now wants to take action against this Form of noise pollution, how the “world” reported. Reinhold Jost (SPD), Saarland environmental and consumer protection Minister, in valves and equipment exhaust to a violation of Clause 30 of the road traffic regulations. In this paragraph: “In the case of the use of vehicles, unnecessary noise and spurious emission are forbidden harassment.” Valves exhaust systems have – as the Name suggests – a valve in the exhaust that is in the open state more noise to the exterior.

Jost wants to at the conference of environmental Ministers of the countries from the 7. November a Four-point Plan to “protect against the noise of an engine.” The Federal government should be asked to consider a ban of exhaust systems in Germany. According to the Federal Ministry of transport, these systems are currently legal. For noise levels at engines, limit values to be complied with shall apply only with open exhaust valve.

police Reserved against a possible ban on speed record with a 150 HP Bobby-Car with jet engine: This man is speeding over 100 km/h on a children’s vehicle

in addition to the Ministers of transport of countries in Jost’s initiative, “a framework for regular Monitoring of noise emissions, including more effective traffic controls to provide the manipulation of vehicles to counteract”.

In the report of the “world” is there, especially from the part of the police’s reservations against the ban. Personnel and technical equipment is not sufficient to the Federal-wide controls of Exceedances of the noise limits. Also, the TÜV expressed his concerns as tuning parts installed in vehicles, are likely to be used in accordance with EU law. Therefore, an adjustment of the rules and regulations at the international level, according to TÜV “necessary”.

car maker Porsche had the same views, the use of flaps exhaust to plants anyway, not to prohibit: “It is us as a sports car manufacturer, a concern to maintain this emotional functions of the classic automobile in the future. This corresponds to the expectations of our customers,” said a spokesman for the group, the “world”. “At the same time we want to and must be compliant with the law. For this, we take a great effort.”

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