“travel, No flight. No FBI agents. No Food inspectors or drug enforcement. No visit to the statue of liberty or the national Park. And no one checks for recipients of social assistance issues for retirees, for health insurance. Can close the Federal government? Yes. And this is exactly the Shutdown before the country now.” With these half-astonished, half-worried words, “the New York Times described” the 6. In October 1990, the phenomenon of the Government shutdown. Four days it lasted at the time – what was different than it was in the newspaper might sound, are neither new nor rare.

the first Shutdown: September, 1976

often in the history of the U.S. government was forced to stop working. This is always the case, if Congress can’t agree on a budget. A from the government and the members of blessed Budget is but the prerequisite for this is that the Federal agencies and their employees can do their work. The first Time the 38. President Gerald Ford in September 1976, the government of lame. Ten days the Shutdown lasted. Under Jimmy Carter, this condition was Routine almost. Almost on a monthly basis, it came to Decommissioning, between September and December 1977, three times, and never under a week.