not to groan When the temperatures rise to dizzying heights, only many people due to the heat. Also, horses can fail under severe pain, circulation or sun suffer from stitch. Therefore, it has now introduced a new policy for the Berlin horse-drawn carriage companies: If the Thermostat is the mark of 30 degrees in the shade, free get the carriage animals in heat.

In the case of violation threatens the carriage owners, punishment

the new guideline for horse was Adopted in the factory farms drove through the Senate administration for justice – also responsible for the protection of animals.

In the course of which it was decided that the carriage of the animals need to get every day exercise: Two hours outside of the insert on a dirt floor. “Horse-drawn carriage rides in a city of millions mean a lot of Stress for the horses,” said justice Senator Dirk Behrendt (Green).

Should not keep a carriage of any operator of, or against, the policy violated, he can be an animal permit revoked.

Also, the courts have a word with

In Berlin has been discussed for a long time on the tourist horse-drawn carriages. In its coalition agreement, the SPD, Left and Green had agreed that in the city centre, no horse-drawn carriages to drive to. Tens of thousands of people signed up is also an online petition against horse-drawn carriages. A from the district office in mid-2017, imposed a driving ban horse-drawn carriages in front of the Brandenburg gate, reversed the administrative court a year ago. On an appeal against this decision, the district office refused.

source: Berliner Morgenpost, with Mateial AFP