life expectancy in Germany is rising First the good news: in the case of women and men continuously. The bad news: The citizens are thus for a longer period, while our society is aging at the same time increasingly. In 40 years, about every third Person in Germany will be 65 years of age or older. This ensures that in the long term for a problematic imbalance. There are too few young people paying into the pot, from which the pension contributions for the older parts of the population to be skimmed. This is also why the retirement age has been raised a few years ago to 67. However, this measure is sufficient in the long term?

retirement How much money you have to put the pension back – and when you should start? Herrmann Gröhe: “There is no thinking is allowed to give ban”

As the “Rheinische Post” reported, think of the Union part of the Federal government’s current incentives for a voluntary longer Work. The Chairman of the Union, Hermann Gröhe, told the newspaper: “It will be in the future will need a Mix of measures to stabilise the statutory pension permanently by 2025: part of This is that we ensure a continued high economic growth. It may also give no thought ban, whether or not we need to have incentives to work longer, until 67 years.” Exactly how these incentives might look like, said the CDU politician.

As the newspaper writes, in favour of the Council of economic ideas Daily. The Council wants to link the pension age to rising life expectancy – the proposed Gröhe in his quote. So could have the view of Christoph Schmidt, head of the Council of the economy, a higher life expectancy from three years to two years of additional work and an additional year of retirement.

Bundestag adopted a new pension package

on Thursday, was adopted in the Bundestag, the new pension package of the Grand coalition. It should take effect in 2019. The package includes over 30 billion euros, and includes, for example, that the contribution rate will be capped by 2025, with 20 percent of the gross income and the level of the pensions may not fall up to the year 2025 under 48 percent of the average wage. Criticism of the new pension package of the Federal government, there were from the opposition parties.

source: “Rheinische Post”, “Federal center for political education”