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police are searching for football star Sala (17.00)women’s day, 8. March in the future, holiday in Berlin (15.29 hours), and Ex-Head of the Central Council of Jews, Charlotte Knobloch, is threatened to AfD-scandal (14.44 PM)Italy: Amanda Knox to pay compensation (11.52 p.m.)Ten months in prison on probation in the process of electrocution (11.26 PM)

The News of the day in the star-Ticker:

+++ 17.00 Police search of Argentine football star Sala a +++

After the alleged crash of the Argentinian footballer Emiliano Sala over the English channel, the police of the British island of Guernsey has set the search for the plane and the two occupants. Via Twitter, police announced that the “difficult decision” was taken after a “Review of all available information”. The chances of Survival were “at this time is extremely low”. The small plane, the Sala from the French city of Nantes to Wales and Cardiff, was gone 20 miles North of Guernsey from the radar screens. With Sala on Board for the guard of Guernsey was, according to the coast only the Pilot. British media reported that it was a 60-year-old father of three children from the North of England Scunthorpe. The 28-year-old striker had signed on Saturday an agreement for the exchange from the French first division FC Nantes at the Premier League club Cardiff City.

+++ 16.21 PM: military officer criticized the “huge gaps in terms of Material and personnel” in the armed forces +++

The German armed forces suffers, according to the defense Commissioner of the Bundestag, Hans-Peter Bartels (SPD), continue to “huge gaps in terms of Material and personnel”. The “Mannheimer Morgen” said Bartels: “The soldiers are hampered in their work constantly.” This was going to play in his new military report was a “great role”. The military representative will present his report for the past year, this coming Tuesday. In the “economy of scarcity”, which he had criticized a year ago to have “changed little”,” said Bartels. As reasons, the SPD politician called the “old structures of the self-made obstacles, Schema F”.

+++ 16.16 PM: Ex-head of state of Ukraine in the absence of accepting the axiom of imprisonment +++

sentenced A Ukrainian court has the former head of state Viktor Yanukovych in absentia on charges of “treason” to 13 years in prison. This is a judge informed in the capital, Kiev. Yanukovych was deposed in February 2014, after weeks of violent clashes with nearly a hundred dead in Kiev’s Maidan square to Russia.

+++ 15.38 PM: Ryanair must compensate, according to a pilot strike, passengers from Luxembourg to compensate +++

The Irish airline Ryanair in Luxembourg, the two passengers after the cancellation of flights because of a pilot strike in the summer of 2018. According to the European consumer centre (EVZ) in Luxembourg Ryanair must pay pursuant to the final Judgments, each of 250 Euro. The airline had refused previously with the reference to “force majeure”, to pay compensation. In the view of the magistrate’s court in Luxembourg, it was in the strike, however to a Situation, the pull of an obligation to compensation, was confirmed by a justice spokesman.

+++ 15.29 PM: women’s day is now officially a public holiday in Berlin +++

In Berlin is the annual at the 8. March, committed women’s day, the newest statutory holiday. The Berlin house of representatives agreed to the second reading by 87 to 60 votes for the bill of the red-red-green state government. Criticism came from the economy. “The extra public holiday can not afford to have Berlin at all,” said Christian Amsinck, chief Executive of the business associations in Berlin-Brandenburg. Berlin now has ten legal holidays. The city-state is the only state with the women’s day as a holiday.

+++ 15: 28: painting by Lyonel Feininger returned back in the Kunstmuseum Moritzburg +++

A missing seemed to be a work of art of the painter Lyonel Feininger is in the collections of the art Museum Moritzburg in Halle/Saale. It is the drawing of the “city Church hall II”, the Museum announced. The sheet had been removed in 1937 when the Nazi defamation campaign “degenerate art” from the Museum. It was one of the hall series, which had finely painted Inger on behalf of the city, between 1929 and 1931. The Moritz castle-Museum with its collections of Classic Modernism, once one of the leading houses in Germany. It was ripped by the national socialists apart.

+++ 15.08 PM: family of kidnapped millionaire women in Norway receives a message from the Kidnapper +++

The family of a kidnapped Norwegian millionaire’s wife has received a message from the alleged kidnappers. Family, Prosecutor Svein Holden told a news conference, on Wednesday of last week, those would have been reported in the relatives of Anne-Elisabeth Falkevik Hagen, according to the 68-Year-old in their violence. They had, however, supplied no evidence that the woman was alive. Nevertheless, the message will be interpreted as a positive sign. Anne-Elisabeth Falkevik Hagen has been applicable since 31. October as disappeared. The police went on from the beginning of a kidnapping. As the police reported that there was a ransom demand in a crypto-currency, according to media reports, in the amount of nine million Euro.

+++ 14.54 watch: Three Dead in severe storms in Spain +++

at Least three people have died in severe storms in the Northern Spanish Region of Asturias, died. A 42-year-old man died when he lost his car in the municipality of Salas in the rain, fog and strong Wind from the roadway and a 500-metre-deep slope down, be overthrown, media reported citing the authorities. In the municipality of Laviana, a 62, was killed-Year-old in his vehicle in a landslide. In addition, we have found in the river Porciles the body of a for Wednesday of the missing man, police said.

+++ 14.44 p.m.: Ex-Boss of the Central Council of Jews is insulted to AfD-scandal in the Bavarian Parliament, and threatened +++

The former President of the Central Council of Jews, Charlotte Knobloch, has since its dispute with the AfD in the Landtag of Bavaria according to own goal of massive threats. “Since then, reaching me, almost minute-by-minute desert of invective, threats and insults by E-Mail and telephone,” said Knobloch, the “Augsburger Allgemeine”. The President of the Jewish community of Munich had criticized the AfD on Wednesday during a commemorative act for the victims of national socialism in the Bavarian Parliament as unconstitutional. Itthe majority of the AfD group left during Knoblochs speech in Protest of the chamber. In connection to this scandal, the AfD group chief Katrin Ebner-Steiner Knobloch also attacked personally and accused of this a “disrespectful treatment” of the AfD.

+++ 13.44 PM: Iran announces major military exercise of ground troops +++

the commander of The Iranian ground, a large military has announced that troops of the exercise. 12,000 soldiers are expected to participate starting on Friday of the two-day maneuvers, said General Amir Hejdari. The maneuver “Eghtedar-97” – be strong (the 97 stands for the current Persian year) – will be held in Isfahan in Central Iran. This new war should be practiced tactics and strategies, so the commander, according to Fars news Agency.

+++ 12.59 PM: air strike in Afghanistan kills killed 16 civilians++++

In the case of an air attack in the night to Thursday in the südafghanischen Helmand province, at least 16 civilians. At least three more had been wounded, said two provincial councils. The air attack have met in the district a residential building Sangin, said the provincial government Attaullah Afghan. The district is controlled to a large part of the radical Islamic Taliban. There is no Information about whether the air strike by the US or the Afghan air force has been carried out.

+++ 12.18 PM: the European Commission against Austria’s new children’s money-rules +++

The new Austrian child benefit rules for EU-citizens in breach in the opinion of the EU Commission on European law. The authorities in Brussels are initiated, therefore, an infringement procedure against Austria, the child adapts for the payment of money to the cost of living in the state of residence of the child.

+++ 12.10 am: China clones the first genetically modified monkey +++

for the First time, several cloned monkeys came after the Chinese data, with an intentionally-induced genetic damage on the world. To contribute to the exploration of circadian disturbances, such as the official Xinhua news Agency with reference to two articles in the Chinese science magazine “National Science Review,” writes. The five macaques had recently been in the Institute of neuroscience of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, Shanghai born.

research on the cloned monkey, the focus is on the so-called circadian rhythm. He is brought, if he is disturbed, people with sleep disorders, Depression, Diabetes, cancer, and neurodegenerative diseases such as Alzheimer’s disease. For the first time were the scientists, so that five monkeys with the same genetic Background, wrote Xinhua.

+++ 11.52 PM: Italy will have to pay Amanda Knox compensation for violation of human rights to pay +++

Italy must be the only for murder, convicted and then acquitted a US citizen Amanda Knox and more than 18,000 euros in compensation. The Italian authorities had violated in the case of the survey, Knox’ several of their human rights, ruled the European court of human rights in Strasbourg on Thursday. So it had not been the accusations of the US-American pursued by the police, and under pressure hit, it said. Italy also failed to justify satisfactorily why Knox got in 2007 at a crucial police interrogation with no lawyer. Thus, Italy had violated the right to a fair trial as well as on a procedural level – against the ill – treatment ban. The judgment may still be made within three months of the appeal.

Ten years of the murder of Kercher

Amanda Knox the “angel with the Eisaugen” wants to normalcy

Ten years have passed since the mystery murder case of Meredith Kercher. Amanda Knox, the “angel with the Eisaugen” once the main suspect, strives for normalcy – and even speaks of a return to Italy.

DPA +++ 11.32 PM: the neighbor fails with a complaint against cowbells +++

The cow bells are allowed to ring on a pasture in upper Bavaria, Holzkirchen for the first time. The land court of Munich II, dismissed on Thursday a claim by a neighbor who felt lives with her husband on the outskirts of the cows, the bells, but also of odours and flies disturbed. The dispute with the farmer’s for years. According to the husband, the the exclusive property belongs to, complained to his wife. You have no claim to stand, justified the chamber under judge Christiane Karrasch now the dismissal of their lawsuit. It was not the owner of the property.

+++ 11.28 PM: a 36-Year-old because of a million-theft of crypto-currency arrested +++

After a Europe-wide investigation of the Hessian land criminal police office (LKA) has been taken from a suspected thief of a crypto-currency to the value of at least ten million euros is now in the British Oxford. Also computers were seized, according to the police, data carriers, drugs, and cash. The 36-Year-old was suspected of theft, fraud and money laundering, said a spokesman from Europol on Thursday.

The case became known last January. Currently being assumed that the 85 Victims, their encryption to have data from the 36-Year-old intercepted.

+++ 11.26 PM: Ten months in prison on probation in deadly electric shock +++

In the process the death of a four-year-old, who had suffered at a supermarket checkout is an electric shock, has condemned the district court of Hamburg-Harburg in the shop operators to ten months ‘ imprisonment on probation. The 44-Year-old and his 48-year-old sister would have made the negligent killing by omission is guilty, said the judge on Thursday. The little Jonathan had on December 31. May 2016 at the Touch of a railing at the cash register in an electric shock and died a day later. The prosecution had demanded for the defendant a sentence of one year in prison on probation. The defense wanted to achieve an acquittal.

road junction in China

Strange accident: These cars crash twice nested

+++ 11 a.m.: reports: Berlin jeweler robbers took loot worth millions +++

In a jewelry store Robbery near the Berlin Kurfürstendamm, to the perpetrators, according to media watch reports and jewelry worth millions have been stolen. The damage was more than a Million Euro, reports in several Newspapers, and the RBB citing the concerned managing Director. The Assault lasted a short time before in the evening, therefore, hardly two minutes. The police power in such cases, generally speaking, no information on the level of damage and did not want to comment on the reports on Thursday.

+++ 9.55 PM: “We’re not leaving without Julen” – recovery in Spain continues +++

The rescue of the little Julen from a deep well shaft in the South of Spain is run on Thursday just slow. An eight-strong Team of miners waited in the Morning, first on its use at the beginning. The specialists are supposed to dig from the bottom of a in the past few days, drilled a parallel shaft, a horizontal Tunnel to the point at which the two-year-old is suspected. On Wednesday, the new problems in the protection of the rescue hole had delayed the Work.

Spanish media reported, citing the use of force in the Andalusian Totalán, that the first two miners to be but left, probably in the course of Thursday with a special capsule in the shaft. The buddy will be each preparatory work in teams of two for about 30 minutes with pickaxes and jackhammers, and then replaced. The conditions were extreme, because of the Close, the men could dig just kneeling or lying down, it said.

+++ 9:16 p.m.: Missing Australian author in China arrested +++

in China the missing Australian author and critic of the Communists, Yang Hengjun, has been detained by the Chinese authorities. The foreign Ministry in Canberra confirmed on Thursday. The Ministry is trying now to consular access to the writers and native Chinese.

Yang is in China as a novelist and Blogger known. He comments regularly on Chinese politics and manifests itself in sometimes critical of the Communist party. Before he took Australian citizenship, worked for Yang in the Chinese foreign Ministry.

+++ 8:57 p.m.: Airbus threatens the UK in the case of Brexit, without the agreement +++

The aerospace and defense group Airbus has the UK in the case of an unregulated threatened withdrawal from the European Union, with the closure of factories. “If there is a Brexit, without agreement, we must meet with Airbus may be very harmful decisions for the UK”, said Airbus chief Tom Enders on Thursday in a video message. While it is not possible to relocate the large British factories immediately in other parts of the world. But space travel is a long-term business, Enders more.

Munich airport

What to do when the Airbus A380 can fit in the Hangar?

Airbus manufactures in the UK, the wings for almost all of its passenger and cargo planes. Only the new Airbus A220, the the manufacturer of canadian Bombardier has taken over the group, is independent. In the case of an unregulated Brexit must Airbus to its delivery fear chains.

+++ 8:51 PM: Erdogan in the Venezuelan struggle for power behind Maduro +++

The Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan has made in the Venezuelan Machtkamp behind his Venezuelan counterpart, Nicolás Maduro. He had assured him in a telephone conversation, the support of Turkey, said Erdogan’s spokesman, Ibrahim Kalin, in the night from Wednesday to Thursday on Twitter. Erdogan had said: “My brother Maduro! Stand upright, we are at Your side.”

+++ 8:28 a.m.: circles: Ghosn as Renault’s CEO resigned +++

in Japan imprisoned car Manager Carlos Ghosn (64) has resigned as CEO of Renault. Circuits of the car manufacturer confirmed on Thursday in Paris, a French economic and Finance Minister Bruno Le Maire.

English bulldog

German Couple clones dead dog in South Korea: “He was like a child for us,”

+++ 7.12 PM: China clones for the first time, several genetically modified monkeys +++

Chinese scientists have for the first time cloned several monkeys from a genetically modified macaques with circadian rhythm disorders for research purposes. The five monkeys had come in the Institute of neuroscience of the Chinese Academy of Sciences in Shanghai, reported the official Xinhua news Agency on Thursday, referring to two articles in the Chinese science journal National Science Review.

+++ 7:05 p.m.: police goes against international arms smugglers gang before +++

Against an international weapons smuggler gang is taken by the police in Berlin and Brandenburg on Thursday. A police spokeswoman said the German press Agency said, searched the special operations unit (SEK) for 6 at several apartments and restaurants in the capital. Also in Brandenburg, some of the objects to be searched. The police wanted to stretch several arrest warrants and hope to could illegally acquired weapons. First of all, the “world reports”.

giant coin stolen, Bank branch blown

To the RAID in Berlin: The sensational cases of the families-Clans

To the Dimension of the insert, the spokeswoman had no details. According to the paper, it is more than 700 weapons, which should go to Berlin and into the countryside. Around 30 objects, according to the “world” is searched. Because of the dangerousness of the gang, the complete Berlin SEC is almost in use. It will be assisted by colleagues from the SEC in the state of Brandenburg.

+++ 6:03 PM: Poland’s labour market to maintain its Ukrainians +++

On the construction, on the Land of Poland is a mass of fears Exodus of Ukrainian workers to Germany. The already skilled labour in the damp country is looking at currently, with a worried look on the neighbors to the West, since the Federal government has brought in in December, the skilled workers immigration law. It does Not facilitate the influx of workers from non-EU countries and the Ukrainians to interested candidates.

“especially in agriculture and the construction sector are covered by the panic,” says Krzysztof Inglot, the head of Poland the recruitment of company Personnel Service, which works with Ukraine. Because that is where many people worked for black and be the wanted to go to Germany. “Anyone who works legally in Poland, has to move less of an incentive,” says Inglot and refers to the higher cost of living in the Federal Republic of Germany.

+++ 5:33 PM: agreement reached in collective bargaining for security personnel at airports +++

In the collective bargaining for the security personnel at German airports has been reached an agreement. A representative of the Verdi trade Union and the employers ‘ Association BDLS agreed in the fifth round of Negotiations on a new collective bargaining agreement for the approximately 23,000 workers in the industry, such as the BDLS announced on the previous Thursday morning. According to the data of BDLS negotiators Rainer friebert houses E are in the next three years increases “annually at 3.5 to 9.77 per cent”.