Nigel Farage has a major share of the Brexit, as much as hardly any other politician. The 55-year-old Englishman seems to be a relentless hatred of the European Union driven, and is even part of your operation. Already in the last elections to the European Parliament five years ago he drove with his anti-EU Ukip party, the then British Prime Minister, David Cameron. Now he is back again, with a new party, but stronger than ever.

voted As the British in 2016, with a narrow majority in a Referendum to Brexit, want to put Farage actually to rest. Ukip was regarded as dead. However, because the Prime Minister Theresa May will not get your with Brussels negotiated Brexit Deal through Parliament, the outlet three years later. The British must of necessity choose again, members of the European Parliament.

the Conservatives, Farage left with his Brexit-party in the field. In the case of the Tories, there is neither a choice program, nor was there an official election campaign start. Until recently, the government had hoped, participation in the European election could be prevented.


Nigel Farage, with the Brexit-party at the European elections

©Danny Lawson DPA Brexit-party of Nigel Farage comes to 34 percent

According to the survey. In two recent surveys, the Leaving party is on 34 per cent, and United together more votes than the Conservatives and Labour. Recently, a well-announced-to-do party donor, he had now remitted instead of the Conservatives of the Brexit-party a sum of several hundred thousand pounds.

Farage is attracting the voters formal. Single-handedly he makes the Brexit party to a serious force. He has long been a brand and it will be understood that other build. The Margaret-Thatcher-saying “I want my money back” (I want my money back) from the time when the Iron Lady contributions negotiated a British rebate from the EU, and received it before the Brexit Referendum as “I want my country back” (I want my country back).

a foreign enemy with an inflection of tone. Farage strongly denies, to be xenophobic or even racist, but his campaign speaks a different language. For example when he uses the photo of a group of refugees from the year 2015 on the Croatian-Slovenian border as a campaign poster for the fear-mongering prior to immigration to the UK.

Farage … with preference to the Elite

The man with the thick eye bags dominated the political staging like no other. In the election campaign before the Brexit Referendum he’ll be going up with an “Armada” of fishing boats, the Thames and throws in front of the Parliament of dead fish into the water. The fishing is, I wonder if she plays for the British economy, only a small role, one of the big issues of the election campaign. A topic that has to do with identity, and in this field, Farage knows.

With fondness, he rails against the Elite. The don’t believe in the UK, he says about last Sunday about politicians of the two major parties in the BBC talk show with Andrew Marr. “Do not think that we are good enough to take care of our own Affairs.”


May Brexit will bring a Deal on a detour back to Parliament


Farage himself anything other than simple ratios. It is 1964 in the South of the County of Kent, England born. His father, an alcoholic stockbroker, leaves the mother, as the son is five years old. Nevertheless, Farage goes to a private school. At 18, he decided against a degree and for a career as a commodity trader in the financial centre of London. Early 20’s, he escapes for the first Time, almost to the death: After a night of drinking, he device under a car. The young man survives and learns a little later that he has cancer. Farage survives, marries twice, is the father of four children.

Farage crashes in 2010, with a small plane from

His first steps in politics, he is doing at the Conservative – but then the UK writes to Prime Minister John Major in 1992, the EU Treaty of Maastricht. Farage is furious and founded, with others, the Ukip (United Kingdom Independence Party). He quickly rises, Charisma and speaking talent to help him. In 1999, the Englishman wins a seat in the European Parliament, in 2006, he takes on the Ukip party Chairman.

in 2010, he crashed with a small plane. The Ukip Banner, and the machine pulls behind her, has rods in the rear of the rudder. Pictures show how Farage covered in blood from the wreck wegtaumelt. But nothing can stop him. By the chair of the Ukip party, he is stepping down after the Brexit Referendum. Later, he leaves the party, whose leadership personnel changes several times, and finally further and further to the extreme right-wing spectrum to drift. With the Brexit party, he returns back into the spotlight.