new Zealand’s Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern has classified the attack on two mosques with multiple fatalities in new Zealand as an act of terrorism. “It is clear that this can only be done as a terrorist attack described,” she said on Friday on TV.

Previously the Prime Minister of Australia Scott Morrison had expressed this view. On the attack, Australians had been involved. Literally, Morrison said on Friday: “We condemn this attack, which was committed by a right-wing extremist violent terrorists, in the strongest possible terms.”

After the attack had been taken to the official data, according to several Suspects – three men and a woman. An exact number of victims, the authorities did not initially called. In the new Zealand media was at least nine dead, reports, and sometimes even more than 30. One of the suspicious men suspected of Australians – was also a Video of the deed on the Internet.

The exact sequence of the attack was even after hours of use unclear. For the Pacific state of new Zealand it is one of the worst acts of violence in recent history. The Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern spoke of one of new Zealand’s “darkest hours”. Out of fear of further attacks, the police sealed off schools and other public buildings for hours.

the population – particularly Muslims – called Ardern, to stay at home: “Under no circumstances should anyone go in the country now to a mosque.” The lockout was only lifted in the evening (local time).

In new Zealand is only a small minority of the population of the Muslim faith. There is a total of about 50 000 Muslims, many of them immigrants from countries such as Pakistan or Bangladesh. The largest religious group in new Zealand is Christianity.

The city of Christchurch has 350 000 inhabitants and is located on the South island of the Pacific state.