As the first US city to introduce New York in his congested City and a vehicle toll. The electronic filing system for the lower part of Manhattan was adopted by the government of the state of New York in your budget, such as the New York Times reported.

For the ride in the lower part of the City-island drivers should pay a fee – when and how much exactly is still to be determined. According to the newspaper, it is unlikely that the introduction of the toll prior to 2021. For a car ride between 60. Street, below Central Park and Battery Park at the bottom of the island tip could result in more than 10 US dollars (8,90 Euro), as the “New York Times” had reported at the end of March.

The money is expected to flow according to the Plan in the public local and regional transport. Also in the budget for further investments in the millions in the metro System of the city, but also, among other things, a tax on the sale of luxury apartments, as well as a ban of plastic bags in retail have been decided.