There are only five words, which have excited the readers of the “New York Times”. But there are five important words, because they should be available on Tuesday on the front-page headline of the newspaper: “Trump urges unity vs. racism” – in English: Trump calls for Cohesion against racism. However, as the planned title of the page makes via Twitter the round, many are horrified. Although US President, Donald Trump had said in his speech to the massacres of El Paso and Dayton: “Our Nation must condemn racism, bigotry, and the ideology of white supremacy.” Otherwise, it is computer games and mental illness, the guilt of the deeds, the gun laws, he takes the criticism of quasi: “diseases of the mind and hatred are not pressing the weapon.”

readers of the “New York Times” disappointed

Statement to firearms attacks

Trump convicted of “crimes against humanity” and racism


However, Trump heats up with aggressive rhetoric of racism in the United States. The criticism of the “New York Times” and favorite enemy is since a long time, trump’s image among the US media. And this is precisely why many readers keep your clearly Loyal. As a Journalist, Nate Silver brings the title page circulating on Twitter, he commented: “Not sure if I calls the article ‘Trump Cohesion against racism’ would have been overwritten.” His Tweet of the front page has brought the whole discussion into the roles.

According to the “Washington Post” threatened the readers even with the cancellation of your subscription. The criticism was for the creators of the newspaper’s reason enough to respond promptly. First of all, they changed to attack the title in “hate, but not the weapons.”


Statement after the blood acts

Three core statements from trump’s speech to the Massa’s core – and what is behind it

Then the newspaper afterwards sent an opinion on it. In the name of the newspaper, Matt Purdy explains: “We had to convey in a confined space and under tight deadlines is a nuanced message, and, unfortunately, our first attempt to achieve this was next to it.” Further, he writes: “As a group of Top editors received last night an E-Mail with the first edition of the title page, we saw the headline, saw that it was good and decided to change. It is not unusual that our senior editors to customize the Headings while editing.”

newspaper explains the Emergence of the Header

This discussion had taken place in the editorial office, while the readers were entered on Twitter also in the discussion. You have correctly pointed out that the Headline is not the article fit. “We are very proud of the great work done by our reporters and editors in the case of the massacres last weekend, as well as in the case of Mr. Trump, and racism. But we agree that headlines are extremely important, and in this case, we would have to make it better.”

While readers of the newspaper are likely to be satisfied, now go Trump-followers to the barricades. They criticize, the first title was apt and the “New York Times” kinks before the “hate the Democrats”.

the creators of the “New York Times” is likely to be relatively unimportant. Because in the case of Trump-followers of the left-liberal newspaper wins anyway, no more flower pot.

sources: Nate Silver on Twitter (old Heading), Tom Jolly on Twitter (new Heading), the New York Times (explanation), “The Guardian”, “Washington Post,” “USA Today”.

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