16. May: duel of New York: Bill de Blasio, want Donald Trump out of the White house sell

The mayor of New York, Bill de Blasio, wants to challenge in the presidential election next year, incumbents Donald Trump. The 58-Year-old announced his bid for the presidential candidacy of the opposition Democrats on Thursday in a on the Online-Portal YouTube-published Video. “Donald Trump must be stopped. I have beaten him already, and I’ll do it again,” said de Blasio in it. Instead of “America first” is de Blasios Credo of “workers first”. So, in the meantime, 23 of the representative of the Democrats want to run against Trump. In addition to the former Vice-President, Joe Biden, de Blasio, the most notable candidates among the Democrats. His poll numbers are, even though he is already in second term New York city mayor, tend to be low.

16. May: Trump’s pardon of Conrad Black – and pays tribute to his “tremendous contribution”

U.S. President Donald Trump has pardoned the former media magnate Conrad Black. The White house explained, the Supreme court overturned black’s conviction for fraud and obstruction of Justice in almost all points. In the statement, the 74-Year-old, who has written a book with the title “Donald J. Trump: A President like no other” was recognized as “entrepreneur and scientist,” who had made an “enormous contribution” in business and politics.


Conrad Black

©Brian Kersey / AFP

The canadian-born with British citizenship, was sentenced in 2007 to six and a half years in prison because he should have beat with three accomplices a good 60 million dollars. Against the judgment in Black sat down at the Weir. The US Supreme court gave him in 2010, partly right.

The former group Manager then came up against a bail of two million dollars on the free foot, during the justice negotiated his case again. A Chicago court sentenced Black then due to lower allegations to 42 months in prison. Minus the 29 months that had spent Black already in prison, remained a remainder of a sentence of 13 months. From this the remainder of the sentence, the Black had to serve, ultimately, only eight months. In may 2012, he was released early for good behavior from prison and after Canada deported.

Black was once the third-largest newspaper publisher in the world. To be part of his Empire of Newspapers like London’s “Daily Telegraph”, the canadian “National Post”, the “Jerusalem Post” and the “Chicago Sun-Times”. The media magnate surrounded himself with politicians and Celebrities and used to a luxurious life style.

14. May: Trump calls for an additional 1.6 billion for return to moon

At the beginning of his term in office, Donald Trump makes it seem as if he had too much left for the space The primarily caused high costs. But now the ambition of the US is obvious-the President awakened. Via Twitter, Trump announced that his government will lead Nasa to the age size. “We will go back to the moon, then to Mars,” he announced. He therefore requested from Congress an additional $ 1.6 billion in the coming budget, to the ambitious forward plan. The Nasa budget would increase to 22.6 billion dollars, “so that we can return IN a BIG way into space!”

Apparently, the ambition of the President is awakened. Since China is the so-called “dark side” of the moon for the first time ever, a probe successfully sold, it feels like the Trump in a race as in the 1960s, when the United States first and only Nation ever managed to get people on the moon. Now, the “challenges are greater,” had been announced by Vice-President Mike Pence at the end of March, and a landing on the moon by 2024, announced – with the proviso that a Failure of the project was “not an Option”. The a few days ago, great presented the moon-the plans of Amazon CEO and Trump-intimate enemy, Jeff Bezos might have egged on the President in addition. However, the prospects of success for the upcoming moon-projects are likely to be greater if the financially strong Private entrepreneurs and Nasa to work together.

The moon is in the focus of all the large and small space-faring Nations. It is planned the construction of a moon base – not least as an intermediate step for a Mars Mission that could be launched from the moon easier. Also, the hope is to develop in the long term, new sources of energy and to gain additional habitat exists.

13. May: trade war coming to a head: China announces duties on US products

China has announced in the trade dispute with the USA, tariffs on U.S. products worth $ 60 billion. The duties are to on 1. June in force. The Land in response to higher punitive tariffs, the US President, Donald Trump had issued, and in force since last Friday. On Monday Trump China had warned to respond to the recent increase in import duties, with counter-measures. China “should not engage in any retribution,” he wrote on Twitter, otherwise it will worsen the Situation for the country.