In the case of the protests of the French “yellow West”movement, in Paris on Saturday again clashes with the police. A AFP reported that a Reporter, were thrown from the initially peaceful March and the demonstrators in the vicinity of the city hall, bottles and stones in the direction of the police. The police used tear gas and was later reinforced by riot police. After the incident, the demonstrators continued their protest March from town hall to Parliament.

in Front of the seat to the AFP news Agency had gathered more than a thousand “yellow West”. In the case of the half-hour rally, they shouted slogans against the government of President Emmanuel Macron, as well as against the media coverage of the protest movement. Then the train started in the direction of the city hall in motion.

riots in France

1200 Euro minimum pension, the receipt of post offices – the demands of the “yellow West” translated

By Andrea knight

In the capital, the police began near the national Assembly and the Musée d’orsay tear gas. Tourists running away in droves. Special units of the police blocked some of the bridges over the Seine.

A rally there was in the late morning on the Champs-Élysées, a few meters from the arc de Triomphe. There is a speaker from the “yellow West said,” the previous concessions of the government were sufficient. It will give the whole year through protest actions.

manifestations of the “yellow West”, there was the eighth Saturday in a row, including in Bordeaux, Grenoble, Lyon, Nantes, Rouen and Toulouse.

Billion-dollar concessions are not enough

The “yellow West”movement, the government of the state, chief Emmanuel Macron since November. In its country-wide rallies demonstrating against tax and price increases and improved purchasing power of the French. Originally, the movement had been directed against high fuel prices and the planned Eco-tax on Diesel. Later, a General discontent with the policy of the government to interfere in the Protest. The billion-dollar concessions, which provide for, among other things, more money for minimum wage earners and relief for pensioners, the protesters are insufficient. Many are calling for further tax cuts, referenda after the Swiss model, as well as the resignation of Macrons.

In the case of the protests there were several times on the Champs-Elysées – violent clashes with the police. 17. November involved, according to the authorities of the country of 282,000 people at the rallies. In the meantime, the protests have subsided significantly.