In Slovakia has started in March, the elected President of Zuzana Caputova (45) is officially in office. The liberal citizen lawyer is the first female and youngest ever head of state in the EU and Euro-Land.

“I am not come to rule and reign, I’m here to serve the citizens, the inhabitants of Slovakia”, promised the 45-Year-old on Saturday during a meeting of the Parliament in Bratislava. She wanted to contribute to a constructive cooperation.

The all-day-long celebrations of the swearing-in of the military, and ecclesiastical ceremonies of up to wreath-laying ceremonies were broadcast live on TV. The head of state in Slovakia is formally also commander-in-chief of the army, but as in Germany, mainly representative tasks. In the case of a government crisis, the President plays an important role and may appoint a transitional government.

Caputova had won the presidential election in March, especially as the hopes of a cross-party protest movement against corruption and abuse of office. Your membership in the liberal party “Progressive Slovakia” has placed the former environmental activist before taking office low.

since 2014 President of the predecessor Andrej Kiska was waived after five years in office on a possible re-election. The entrepreneur and millionaire, whose election victory in 2014 was a surprise to also, wants to present on Monday for the first time, his own party establishment to the Public. With this he plans to the parliamentary elections in the spring of 2020 to participate.

at The end of his term of office as President of the once-popular Kiska had lost much popularity. This was due not only to its permanent conflict with the ruling social Democrats, but also due to the fact that scandals have caught up with from his time as an entrepreneur. The controversial plot of land speculation, as well as the suspicion of tax evasion in connection with his campaign financing.