Almost four weeks ago has disappeared, the 15-year-old Rebecca from Berlin now – more, lacking any trace of the girl. On Saturday, specialists of the police advanced again for a search of the student.

The focus this time: the highway 12 between the city boundary of Berlin and Frankfurt (Oder). There is about ten officers of the riot police and employees of the homicide, the determined for about three weeks in the case are, in use, said a police spokeswoman to the news Agency DPA. If the search result was due to a certain hint, is not known.

dogs will Find a track to Rebecca?

the aim of the campaign was to check whether the so-called piece of mantra-dogs on the highway runs between Friedersdorf and Frankfurt (Oder), can record tracks. People search dogs are trained, even after a long time the odor of a specific Person to perceive and track – and struck, apparently: The use of shifted, in the meantime, on a country road in Fürstenwalde-West. “Anything to be a spokesperson have smelled the dogs,” said a police. However, it is still completely unclear what it is.

in Total there are in the studied section eight connection points. You will be blocked for the action to and through the Brandenburg highway patrol. As a result, it could be traffic jams, according to police. The operation began in the officials, at 10.30 am. How long it lasts, is still open.

the surroundings of The highway 12 was already several times in the center of the search actions of the police. So by officials in the vicinity of the exit Storkow were looking for, around 50 kilometres South-East of Berlin, in the last week systematically with a high level of technical and operational efforts-several pieces of wood, but without success. Rebecca is gone.

Mysterious journeys on the motorway 12

The murder Commission believes that the 27-year-old brother-in-law of the Missing has something to do with her Disappearance. He sits under “urgent Tatverdachts of manslaughter” in custody. He denies the allegation; on his lawyer he wants to achieve matching according to media reports, the release from prison.

mother and sister in “Colorful”

“we Would never harm”: the family of Rebecca are once again behind brother-in-law

An automatic number plate recognition system had the raspberry red Renault Twingo of the suspects on the Morning of the disappearance of Rebecca’s and a day on the highway 12 registered. According to the police, only the brother-in-law to come to the respective times as the driver of the car in consideration. He was so far no conclusive explanation for the trips it was.

Rebecca disappeared on the Morning of the 18. February without a trace. She had spent the night before in the house of her brother-in-law and her oldest sister. The investigators assume that she has not left the house unconscious, or even dead.

Here’s to the stuff call the police.

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