Anything has yet to be found. Anything that notes in the case of the mysterious disappearance of 15-year-old Rebecca from Berlin promises. It is day 23, to the of the girl is still missing and again police officers search a wooded area in Brandenburg, again in Rieplos, a 100-inhabitant village, around 50 kilometers Southeast of Berlin in the district of Oder-Spree. “We’re right back where we left off yesterday,” says a spokesman for the police.

members of the homicide could be on the spot, reported the news Agency DPA, and, as on Tuesday, you have a gain from the Technical assistance (DPA).

forensic technician tracks

secured The THW staff were equipped with “special equipment”, such as the police spokesman says, without going into more Detail. In the case of a comparable application in another case, the helpers have used devices such as a “Bio-Radar,” a “electronic-acoustic positioning system” and “Video-thermo-graph” high – tech for the search for missing people. The THW has special locating groups.

three weeks

case Rebecca: police backs new search tracks


Whether the police will use the search in the wooded area again, sleuths, can you open gone. “Everything else will show up, depending on what is in the ground,” said the spokesman.

During the search operation on Tuesday, in which officials of the track were backup. In white protective suits, they secured apparently marks on the floor. According to the newspaper “B. Z.” cast the investigators of the traces of Tires on a dirt road with plaster. “We can say nothing,” said a police spokeswoman. “It is a part of the search measures, and must be studied and analyzed.”

Fixed: officials aligned with a cigarette of imprint from the Tires on a terminal Board with marked traces on the ground, such as the press photos show. Whether it was the tire print from the raspberry red Renault Twingo in the suspect’s brother-in-law of Rebecca, is unclear.


Rebecca Reusch, 15, is since the 18th century. February missing. The Berlin police Department is asking for information

©police Berlin Twingo of the Suspect in the area

seen a number of witnesses claimed to have after the Disappearance of Rebecca’s car in the vicinity of the forest area seen. In addition, the vehicle was on the morning of the disappearance on the 18th. February and a day later by an automatic traffic surveillance system on highway 12, just a few kilometres from the search area. Already from Thursday to Saturday, hundreds of policemen and experts with a dead body search dogs in a forest in the place of sorrow village, not far from the motorway, had searched. Was found nothing.

Missing student

How long Rebecca’s brother-in-law still in custody?

By Daniel Wüstenberg

The police believe that by the time of the trips, only the 27-year-old husband of the eldest sister of Rebecca access to the car. The student had stayed in the house of her brother-in-law and her sister, before she disappeared without a trace.

In connection with the journeys of the Suspect, sitting under “urgent suspicion of manslaughter” in custody, asks for the homicide division of the Berlin police to the public for help in answering, among others, the following questions:

Who has the car of the suspects on the morning of the 18. February 2019 and/or in the night hours of 19. 20. February seen?Anyone who knows the suspect and can identify reference points from him, between Berlin and Frankfurt/Oder?

Overall, the investigators are now around 1,300 Clues from the population, on the case of Rebecca. They are parallel to the search of the officials evaluated and prioritized, in the hope that you find some sort of clue to the fate of the Missing.

Here’s to the stuff call the police.

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