In the case of multiple child abuse at a campsite in Detmold is gone for several weeks evidence. A suitcase and an envelope with 155 disks would since 20. December missing in the district police authority Lippe, NRW-Minister of the interior, Herbert Reul (CDU) in Düsseldorf. Four special investigators had been used to Disappear unaccounted for.

15 terabytes of footage

The Lack of the lock-up was at 30. January has been noted. 20. December, they were last seen. Only three CDs of which had been previously evaluated. If the data that is also child porn count carriers with 0.7 terabytes of storage Material was, therefore, unclear. “You have to speak clearly of police failure,” said Reul. The largest part of 15 terabytes of film footage had been secured by the police.

on suspicion of serious sexual abuse of children and dissemination of child pornography, a 56-Year-old from Lügde, a 33 sitting as the main suspect-Year-old stone home and a 48-Year-old from Stade in lower Saxony in custody. So far, 31 are at least identified victims between the ages of 4 and 13 years. They come mostly from North Rhine-Westphalia and lower Saxony.

Also against the officials,

determined, the investigations were Triggered by a display in November 2018. In addition to the investigations against the suspects and several of the youth welfare offices, the police in the criticism. Against two officials is determined Reul, according to obstruction of justice charges. It’ll be carefully examined, whether they knew the suspects may have personally. Why the data carrier is gone from the room in the police authority’s lip, was not able to Reul say. He did not want to exclude an intent.


“The company wants to know anything”

The terrible images, the suffering of the victims, the excuses of the perpetrators – the people in the fight against child porn

as early as 2016, two indications of sexual abuse should be dealt with at the police station lip. After telephone conversations with witnesses, the officers transferred the information to the youth welfare office more – more steps remained. The Prosecutor’s office determined, therefore, also against the police. In a further Person to the suspicion of data deletion. Against these Suspects, the public Prosecutor’s office leads an investigation for obstruction of justice. It is checked, whether the Person has deleted the data for one of the three main suspects and a punishment should be prevented.

nik / DPA