For more than a week, to 121 people remain on the blocked rescue ship “Open Arms” in the Mediterranean sea, their Hope to a secure port, you have to get support from Hollywood star Richard Gere.

On Friday, the 69-visited-Year-old the ship, to the Italian island of Lampedusa is located.

According to Amnesty International, 30 children and two babies are on Board. “Please support us here with Open Arms and help these people,” he said in a short Video, the Spanish aid organization Proactiva Open Arms published on Friday on Twitter.

photos of Gere to see it, as he carried food on Board the rescue ship. The relief organization wrote: “Finally some good news. Food to come at the “Open Arms” and we have an exceptional crew colleagues.”

Italy and Malta refuse to rescue ships again and again the entry into their ports and to urge other EU States to assure previously to accept all the migrants on Board the ships – as also in the case of the “Open Arms”. On a fixed mechanism for the distribution of distress Rescued, could not some of the community so far.

Recently had taught in such cases, the EU Commission, in order to find receptive countries. A prerequisite for coordination by the EU-Commission, however, is that an EU state does not ask the Commission, whose task it is actually. So far, no country has called on the authorities in Brussels, and a spokeswoman said on Friday.

A spokesman for the Federal Ministry of the interior said on request, the Federal government had declared, under the auspices of the Ministry of interior previously to the Acquisition of more than 300 Rescued ready. “Also, in the case of the migrants to the “Open Arms”, the following applies: The Federal government will, should they be asked for help, a solution is not closing.” A prerequisite of a “widest possible participation of the EU member States and the Adoption of the coordination by the European Commission were, however,”. Also, Germany has not asked the Commission, however, according to a speaker so far, that’s why.

The President of the European Parliament, David Maria Sassoli, had previously insisted in a letter to Commission chief Jean-Claude Juncker on the solidarity of the EU member States. The situation demanded immediate Action, wrote Sassoli. The Commission announced a reply within the next few days. Italy’s interior Minister Matteo Salvini said that his Ministry had written to the Spanish government that they should take in the migrants of the “Open Arms”.

Meanwhile, on Friday, the refugees were in front of and at the EU external borders at sea rescued. A Spanish rescue vessel was off the coast of the Canary island of Gran Canaria, 30 African boat migrants, according to the news Agency Europa Press reported, citing the police. Including 14 women, ten men and six minors, including babies, are. They had been brought to the port of Arguineguín, in the South West of the island. There should be a first medical care registered.

from the channel 30 migrants from four small boats were saved, such as the British interior Ministry announced in London. Including a kayak was. The from France coming migrants claimed to originate from Iran and Afghanistan. They were brought in the southern English port city of Dover.

off the coast of Libya, the under Norwegian flag took at the end of “Ocean Viking” – the new rescue ship in the auxiliary organizations, SOS Mediterranean, and Doctors without borders – for the first time, boat refugees in the Mediterranean sea on. She was stabbed on Sunday night from Marseille in the lake. It was unclear where the Rescued need to be brought.

Salvini said that the “Ocean Viking” should start no Italian ports. He spoke of 80 migrants on Board. Doctors without borders announced that it was 85 people, including four children, were rescued from an inflatable boat.

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