Saarland’s Prime Minister, CDU leader and now Minister of defence. Annegret Kramp-Karrenbauer, the political Confidant of the German Chancellor, Angela Merkel, is one of the most difficult Offices in the German policy. The Ministry of defense can quickly become a minefield and is often a scandal well. But anyone Who masters the task, it can also be a Higher calling. For Kramp-Karrenbauer, the office is a Chance to win in security policy profile. The Minister of health, Jens Spahn, was up last as the favorite for the succession of Ursula von der Leyen, the President of the Commission was confirmed on Tuesday evening as the EU.

As to the defense Department? With headlines about the explosion in Costs of the “Gorch Fock” and the “consultant affair” has made the Ministry last headlines. Upsets in Berlin, but politically more “peanuts”. The actual challenges for the new Minister on three points: The modernization and maintenance of weapons systems and Material, with the reorganization of the crippling procurement according to the assessment of military experts. The process of recruiting Staff in the face of increasing competition for skilled workers. In addition, the digitization of the army. This includes the networking of weapons systems, the cyber army, as well as the technically and morally challenging use of systems of Artificial intelligence.


Annegret Kramp-Karrenbauer

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And, of course, the vexing issue of money. Germany has committed itself, like the other Nato allies that the defence expenditures until 2024 in the direction of 2 percent of gross domestic product to move. For 2020, only 1.37 percent of the economic output are targeted, according to the financial plan, the ratio is projected to decline by 2023, even to 1.25 percent. The spread is a source of conflict, in particular in relation to the USA. Actually, the Federal government had spent for 2024 a target of 1.5 per cent for defence.

Digital incompetence

AKK invites CDU with Fax to the conference – and the Internet is cracking up

By Steven Montero

A higher defence budget is important to ensure that the numerous projects with money supply, but it is also a prerequisite for being a main point of contention with the US government, from Donald Trump to settle. It’s about the accusation that Germany is not carrying a reasonable load in the Alliance and leave the United States for its military security numbers.

In times where the tax sources are not bubbling so vigorously as in the past years, the increase in the defence budget is a difficult undertaking. In the coalition, this could quickly lead to a case of conflict with the SPD and POS Olaf Scholz were, the resist significant increases to the military budget increases.

to start a career in the city Council of Püttlingen

her political career, Kramp-Karrenbauer in the city Council of your home town Püttlingen began. And always, when she was called, she made their job so well that eventually, inevitably, the next call came. “There is no task you can’t trust Annegret”, said the former Saar-Prime Minister Peter Müller (CDU), when he Minister called Kramp-karrenbauer 2000 as the interior in his Cabinet.

CDU-party leader

AKK commented on Merkel’s health and calls for compulsory Holocaust sites-visit


Since then, she has made as an all-purpose weapon of the CDU in a name: According to various Ministerial jobs in 2011 and the first Prime Minister of the smallest area state. In March 2017, she won at the Zenith of the popularity of the SPD Chancellor candidate, Martin Schulz, the Landtag election in Saarland house for the CDU.

For years, Merkel and Kramp-karrenbauer, compared because of its sober, analytical policy style with each other, work together closely. “Calm” and “modest” are among the attributes Kramp cart Builder. “Many happy accidents have helped me,” says the mother of three adult children. Actually, she wanted to be in front of the Abi as a midwife, then she thought of a job as a teacher. With 18, she joined the CDU and discovered her passion for politics. Later she studied law and politics.

everyone by Surprise

Nevertheless, to be Secretary of defense, is – in spite of some speculation in the past few weeks – a solid Surprise. You can’t call it a political bombshell, the many defending the politicians in Berlin had on the paper. And Kramp-Karrenbauer is full of risk. You actually has enough to do with the reorganization of the party. In the CDU-party circles, it was said CDU General Secretary Paul Ziemiak that has held up so far in this task in the Background, had to take on more responsibility.

Merkel had made clear for longer, you’ll get Kramp-Karrenbauer into the Cabinet, if they wanted to. It was also the Ministry has been recently speculated whether there could be a departmental exchange between the CDU and the CSU, the defense Ministry against the Ministry of the interior. However, CSU would have a Minister Horst Seehofer, his place is not need to clear – the want obviously.

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