The new chief of the Junge Union, Tilman Kuban, missing controversial discussions in the CDU, and speaks of a “Gleichschaltung” of the party.

“In recent years, many have not felt in the CDU, because we have experienced during our orientation, a DC circuit. We need three wings and personalities say their opinion,” he said of the “world”.

The term “Gleichschaltung” is mostly used in connection with the national socialist Regime. The Nazis, after they came to Power, political parties, associations, clubs and the media on your policy objectives.

Kuban believes that the party base wanted, especially in the refugee crisis, a different policy, as of 2015, about 900,000 migrants largely unchecked came to Germany. “2015 has not co-sponsored a silent majority in the CDU for the course of conduct.” Chancellor Angela Merkel had to go back and put a lot used to be a stop signal, says Kuban, because their policy was also legally questionable: “the law relating to The opening of the border was ultimately never lights out.”

The 31-Year-old rating of other decisions, Merkel’s critical. “I do wonder whether the abolition of conscription, as they went, was really smart.” Also, the short-term nuclear phase-out had been a mistake, because he was not embedded in a European solution. Secure German reactors had been switched off, less secure foreign remained, however, more to the grid.