And the next book, that leaves no good hair to Donald Trump. Although, but one thing: The U.S. President, author Rick Reilly, a formidable Golf player. Unfortunately, someone who adheres to no rules. To say, “Donald Trump is cheating, is like saying Michael Phelps swims,” writes the former columnist from “sports Illustrated” in “Commander in Cheat: How Golf Explains Trump”: “Top hacker: What Golf on Trump says”. Reilly stood often with Trump on the Green and has its own experience as well as that of around 100 other golfers – celebrity and Amateur – written, have played once with the current head of the White house. Anecdotes are there to read.

“Donald Trump is cheating like hell”

Shortly after Trump had become President, he played a round with Golf legend Tiger Woods, the former world rank list first, Dustin Johnson, and the Altprofi Brad Faxon. A tee submerged Trump directly in the lake, but as the others watched the short, he had placed, instead, just another Ball to fit, but also in the water beaten. “So he goes to the place where the first Ball would have to land, put down another Ball and hits him on the Green”, Brad Faxon quotes. Similar actor Samuel L. Jackson reported.

professional golfer Suzann Pettersen in the book. She had already told at the beginning of last year, that it takes Donald Trump playing Golf with the rules as exactly: “He’s cheating like hell. It is said that if you cheat at Golf, then you have to cheat to make the Business,” she said at the time. “He told well that he was the world’s best Putter. But I’ve never noticed that he had also played only a 80-round. Nevertheless, he constantly says things like, he had played a 69 or a new course record. I have to laugh at it always,” said the Norwegian.

Just put the Ball in the Bunker

thrown Because of their aggressive way of dealing with other players Trumps caddies were last in the headlines. The former Football-TV-commentator Mike Tirico has made his own experience with the golfing wizard. In the case of a game, he got the “shock of his life” at a Par-5 hole: 210 yards with a 3-wood. Tirico haven’t seen where the Ball had landed, but he was sure that he must have hit the Green in the immediate vicinity of the hole. But when he got there, was from the Ball far and wide to see nothing. Instead, he was lying 15 feet away in the Bunker. After the round, trump’s Caddy told him: “The Ball was three yards from the hole. Trump has thrown him into the Bunker. I’ve seen it.”

movie theater, bowling alley, basketball court

Trump has a new Golf Simulator. This is not the only hobby room in the White house

Not only the game itself is also on the edge of Donald Trump seems to care more about rules. According to the author, Rick Reilly, the U.S. President should take the obligatory handshake after a Match, never the hat, as it is actually common. Also in the club house he would wear his head covering, and an absolute Affront. And: He drives his Golf cart directly onto the Putting Green. “This is, as you would hang your Laundry to Dry in the Sistine chapel,” writes Reilly, comes to the conclusion: “Golf is like a short Cycling short: it reveals a lot about a man.”

Rick Reilly’s book “Commander in Cheat: How Golf Explains Trump” is published by Hachette Books, and so far only available in English.

sources: “New York Post”, “Guardian”