Fixed in the objectives, flexible on the way: the Greens want to bind in the future, new groups of voters and political partners.

you understand as the “Alliance party”, whose policy is aimed at all citizens, it says in an interim report, the party leaders, this Friday in Berlin. Guideline of the green policy in all areas should therefore be the “Knowledge of the planetary boundaries”. Some of the items in the 65-page paper are likely to cause of the Basis of Protest – but the party leadership is also expected.

party leader Robert Habeck wrote on the occasion of the “Convention”, the Greens have proven that they “can pursue in different alliances have the same goals”. The view was broadened through the ancestral environment. It is “to develop social cohesiveness” and “to be able to act for the period after the people’s parties”.

The Green governance in the nine provinces with the CDU, SPD, FDP and the Left in different coalitions. Since you have negotiated with the Union and the FDP on a Jamaica-coalition and Habeck, and Anna Lena Baerbock were elected in January 2018 as the party leaders, the polls to the top – currently, the party stands at 17 to 20 percent.

The interim report with the title “change in Confidence,” according to the party leaders, not the design, but should be the basis for a further debate of the base. A draft should only be in the summer of 2020, and in the autumn at a Congress of the party adopted. Baerbock, and Habeck, the latest ZDF-political and bring in the barometer, according to the most popular among the ten most important German politicians, themselves heavily in the process, but also the base can join in the conversation.

the Image of the prohibition party want to take the Green final – and the environment – and climate to interpret protection as a protection of liberty: A policy that protects the natural foundations of life, is given the opportunity for self-determination for ourselves and for future generations”, – stated in the interim report. Environmental-, nature – and climate protection will not be offered “only or even primarily on the nature of self-will, but to preserve the life of humanity in a full sense”.

As the five overarching values of green politics are mentioned in the paper, “Ecology, justice, self-determination, democracy and peace”. In comparison to the previously valid principle of the program from the year 2002 the peace “replaced” in order for nonviolence and human rights as fundamental values of the party. More than in the past, the Greens, the rule of law and security in the foreground, the police are about to praise you as the “guardian and defender of the rule of law and democracy”.

in Addition, the Greens seek an open-minded attitude to technological innovations. To streitt the topic of genetic engineering is in the interim report, the old and the new procedures were “in the world” – there is a need for “differentiated measures to regulate” the new genetic engineering, strict approval procedures and a focus on the precautionary principle.