The Inferno, which broke out on Monday afternoon, has damaged the Notre-Dame solid. The severity of the damage, shows a new recording from the air. On the Website Gigarama the interactive 360-degree can be viewed recording.


An Aerial view of the Parisian Cathedral of Notre-Dame shows the fire damage

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in Spite of major damage have estimated in the case of a of the President of France, Emmanuel Macron anberaumtem Meeting for the reconstruction of the Parisian Cathedral, several participants a schedule of five years as “feasible”. “Five years until the re-opening of Notre-Dame is absolutely plausible,” said the government Commissioner for cultural goods, Stéphane Bern, after the Meeting, in the Elysée Palace. At the meeting, the 70-year-old former French chief of staff Jean-Louis Georgelin present, who had been appointed in the morning to “Mister reconstruction”.

Cathedral in flames: So, it looks after the disastrous fire in the Interior of Notre-Dame from Fullscreen

The view from the air shows the extent of the fire: the whole of The nave is in flames

©Stringer AFP 900 million donations to the Notre-Dame

the famous Parisian Cathedral Notre-Dame had erupted on Monday evening in the attic of a fire, which spread rapidly over the entire roof. Around 400 firefighters the entire night, were in use only on Tuesday morning, the flames were completely extinguished.

France wants to exclaim after the disaster, an international architecture competition for the reconstruction of the small crossing tower in the center of the roof of Notre-Dame. This steeple was collapsed in the devastating fire. Prime Minister Édouard Philippe said after a government meeting, the new tower would hold the “challenges of our time”.

Overall, the reconstruction of the world-famous, hard-to-damaged Cathedral by a huge wave of Donations close to the billion range. According to Stéphane Bern, is in the order of the President of Emmanuel Macron, for the renovation of historical buildings in France is responsible, had been to Wednesday morning, the nearly 900 million. Bern said the broadcaster RMC: “The whole world is on our side.”