“When I read it for the first Time, I thought: ‘Oh, what. In any case. It can’t be.” The democratic Senator Jen Jordan can’t believe that during his conversation with the policy Portal “Slate” still, what happened in the US state of Georgia-his state – now to the law. At the beginning of last week, the Republican Governor, Brian Kemp signed a bill called HB 481 (“House Bill 481”).

Though also in various other States, including just last night, Alabama, abortions after the sixth week of pregnancy prohibited under sharp penalties were made, the new regime in Georgia as the most extreme in the entire United States. Women threaten to jail and murder charges, even in the case of a miscarriage, investigations, and accusations, should believe the prosecutors, that they were for “the death of an unborn child” is responsible. After all, crashes are to be of a pregnancy created by rape or incest, with the exception of.

Georgia and Alabama prohibit quasi-abortions

Senator Jordan, in civil, professional lawyer, the law, despite this limitation, it was simply “absurd” and believes that most of the citizens of the state would not have even realized how far-reaching the consequences are. The basis of the strict criminal prosecution of women is that the law considers the fetus as a full legal Person. This is to ensure that everyone could be made a pregnancy is interrupted even for murder be held liable. And anyone who helps a Pregnant woman, for example, in another state, a crash, can be prosecuted for accessory to murder and sentenced to up to ten years in prison. In Alabama, the new bill, which must be signed by the Republican Governor Kay Ivey still, Doctors who perform an abortion are threatened with 99 years in prison.

from 10 to 99 years in prison

Alabama want to indicates in prison for abortions: “Worse than the Holocaust”

What Jen Jordan, is that the scope of the new law is so great, that a difference in treatment of ethnic minorities without Further ADO was possible. “There is so much Bad”, – quotes “Slate” the democratic Senator, that you could only hope that the law will come never. But now, since it is signed, is not exactly a done deal. From 2020, HB 481 of applicable law. A law, as the Republican Governor, Kemp believes, the help, to save lives. Namely, precisely from the Moment that the during pregnancy, as a rule, an embryonic heartbeat is measurable (what is the name of the “Heartbeat Bill” refers to). This is usually after six weeks of the case, however, it is Physician, not a heartbeat as it is imagined, but rather a measurable specialization of cells, which can be to the heart. In the sixth week, many women are also not even aware that they are pregnant. But then the law can, in the future, hardly a way out, legal to have an abortion. A De facto legal abortion in Georgia is almost impossible.

Because of the sharp abortion laws

Alyssa Milano strike calls to Sex – the reactions fall out differently than expected

it Is of more than regional laws?

a Protest against the rigid abortion law, there are and were plenty of. The actress and singer Alyssa Milano, co-founder of the #MeToo movement, around 100 celebrities flocked behind, advocated a Boycott of the Film productions in Georgia, and called for a Sex Boycott in order to prevent pregnancies. The adoption of the law that could be – as well as other actions of protest, not prevent it.

As reported the British “Guardian”, the current “Heartbeat Bill”-wave of a parent reason. For quite some time to observe how a number of States rich in whole, adopted in the sense of the influence of abortion opponents in the United States as hard as possible laws, in order to provoke a civil action, from women and human rights groups. It seems to be not a matter of the laws passed in the individual to push through, but the question of Abortion in principle, again before the Supreme Court.

attack on the “Roe vs. Wade”decision-making

There had been spoken in the precedent of Roe versus Wade in 1973 until today, prevailing abortion law, the current stricter laws speak to all of them. Since then, the abortion is in principle subject to the privacy and is not permitted until the time a fetus is viable (which is after six weeks of the case). The state may intervene as of the third month, in the regulation of a pregnancy. The political forces that want to overturn this regulation, currently have a business and the chances are good that you will find in the Supreme Court on this occasion. Since the swearing-in of Donald trump’s candidate Brett Kavanaugh conservative judges in the panel are in the majority. The abortion issue ending up before the constitutional court, could be tough abortion laws after the model of Georgia or Alabama again in the medium term in the whole of the USA.

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