The Sunday evening vorvergangener week, in Marrakech, to adopt the UN migration Pact. Also, the Chancellor is in Morocco. In Germany, the Whatsapp-Chat of the “wing”, the AfD group to Björn Höcke to be running this evening, at a rather slow pace. To 21.53 am posting one of the approximately 150 members of the hot Udo: “In two hours our Western world is betrayed.” Udo waits four minutes. Then he writes: “The bomb in Marrakech is now OUR salvation.” The first response in the AfD-Chat is: “Yes.”

“Different views”

AfD in the Bundestag continues to shrink: Uwe Kamann comes out of party and group

a politician bombed out of existence, because they do not decide what is pleasing to the man? In these weeks, the Federal office for the protection of the Constitution to decide whether it will continue to monitor the AfD because of extreme right-wing tendencies. It’s unfiltered views such as in this chat group, the alert the secret service. Last Helmut Soaps, party leader in NRW had written, in a Chat of “small AfD-Nazis”, the challenge to prevent compliment the “wings” to Höcke.

“anyone else, We owe subjection”

The star of the Whatsapp-Chat of the “wing“, all of the Postings in the hours after the adoption of the Udo, a bomb at the UN Assembly would be the rescue. Opposition and outrage to outweigh significantly. But the post is also a vehement defender.


“bomb in Marrakech” – chat from a Whatsapp group of Björn Höcke (in the picture) founded the “wing”

©arifoto UG DPA

9.12.18, 22.06, Bea (all the names are known, but modified): Sorry, such Comments are completely wrong.

22.08, Friedrich: Sorry, such Comments are fully correct!

22.08, Udo: Bea, what do you suggest? It will stay two more hours …

22.09, Bea: Anyway, not a bomb.

22.10, Bea: You have to continue to fight democratically against the Pact.

22.10, Udo: in a Hollow of a choice …

22.11, Udo: There is no democracy in this matter. We are betrayed and disposed of.

22.12, Bea: these are the Statements of the Constitution waiting for protection only.

Udo, AfD member from Westphalia, white now Frederick at his side, a party friend from Bavaria. Friedrich has donated time of the NPD in the five-digit level. Be a role model Björn Höcke. Of all, the fear of observation by the constitutional protection (VS), “political Bed-wetting” are accused of.

22.13, Friedrich: Who has the VS fear, except the bed-wetter?

22.13, Udo: We are not in debt submission.

22.13, Werner: That’s not entitled to kill others with bombs.

22.14, Bea: Exactly, we are a parliamentary force and not a revolutionary! (…)

22.14, Friedrich: never heard of tyrannicide? For 2500 years.

22.15, Udo: a Lot of think about …

Landtag of Baden-Württemberg

uproar in the Parliament, the police must AfD politician from the hall lead

“no one gets to the assassination attempt on”

From the Baden-Württemberg mixes now Mary, you know, Friedrich, both are among the first signatories of the “Stuttgart appeal”. Therein AfD members turn against any kind of “Thinking and speech ban”. Maria writes, the criticism of the post with the bomb is not a “children’s birthday”. Friedrich asks, if Mary “was now also changes to the Bettnässern over”. Other duties Mary, called Friedrich’s posts “moronic”. Friedrich writes that he had an IQ of 135.

22.26, Mary: Frederick, please. As we know us personally, I will refrain from insult. Whom the request is served so that, when we call in an AfD-Chat to murder and assassination? With a very unique vocabulary? (…)

22.30, Udo: no one is calling for an assassination … they are known for misinterpretation. You don’t believe everything what you want to believe.

Udo is now the Marrakech Countdown, “1.5 hours,” he writes. Friedrich defended him.

22.34, Friedrich: This can’t be true. Some of them can’t even read, let alone think. “The bomb in Marrakech would be our salvation,” Udo is written. THIS IS A REQUEST AND NOT AN INVITATION! (…)

Friedrich refers to Björn Höcke, the heroes of the AfD-Extreme.

22.36, Friedrich: wetting the bed! Bed-wetter! If Höcke this stupid could make sense here. He would die laughing.

22.36, Udo: Exactly …

guerrilla campaign

“Better to brown the bread as brown in the head”: Now Nutella has a Fake poster against the AfD

“Yes! Of millions of dreams every night!“

The Chat has three administrators. One of them is the AfD-celebrity André Poggenburg from Saxony-Anhalt. One other is Westphalia North Rhine-22.39. He removed Udo from the group. “Such inhuman Expressions I don’t want to read here!” he writes. A little later, the AfD-Europe-candidate Verena Wester is leaving the Chat, voluntarily, and without stating reasons. Others to follow her.

Frederick is fighting on. The AfD was a “movement party,” he writes, “we will fight or perish”.

10.12.18, 0.49, Friedrich: Since has wanted someone “” that the Merkel-would monster swept by a bomb. Yes and! Of millions of dreams every night.

in The Morning, the debate rages on. The Administrator responded:

11:47, Jürgen: So, friends, it’s the complaints about Friedrich piling up. Since I don’t have time to read 400 messages, please enlighten me on why, exactly, here is a fight, and why a series of participants of this Forum leave.

The declarations, and ten minutes later, the Administrator Jürgen throws the participants Friedrich from the Chat. There is a lot of applause and Anger.

12.33, Christiane: If it is already enough to doubt the success of the (single) parliamentary way, and You’re the one who must decide who is suitable to be here, then going to throw me out of here (…)

12.37, Martin: Christiane, it was the urgent desire for a bomb attack.

12.38, Carl: What is all this nonsense supposed to throw Frederick out? Anyone who still believes that on a purely parliamentary means, to bring about a fundamental Change, is profoundly naive and not actually in the policy … Björn Höcke has said in his Dresden speech clear: It will not go solely through the parliaments!


Chat documentation

“A bunch of basement Nazis plus “dead ” and” the Moderates in the AfD on the Höcke-wings of despair

Wigbert Löer

“I’ve sure carved out a bit of over-Zap“

The Administrator Jürgen told the star that he throw not someone from his Whatsapp Chats. But Udo and Friedrich could have beaten the strands. And Friedrich had already had a yellow card. In the Chat, Jürgen expressed as a reason is also the possibility that a participant could spread the discussion. “The last thing we need are headlines like: ‘The wing is planning a bomb attack on the Chancellor’ or similar nonsense.”

a Plan no-one actually has the wings-people have written, only that a bomb was to the rescue. This is also Udo’s important. He had been angry “” said Udo the star, and this was finally also a discussion forum. “I’ve sure carved out a bit of over-Zap”. A word has to be written quickly, “sometimes with a”.

Between the begin-rescue-by-bomb-contribution and his kicking out of 42 minutes were. Udo has written in this period, a total of 31 Times in the group, has defended its Position again and again. To apologize, he said to the star, he had no Chance.

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