The center-Right coalition in the Netherlands has suffered in the regional elections a serious setback. The government under the right-wing liberal Prime Minister Mark Rutte lost, according to initial forecasts, clear your majority in the First chamber of the Parliament.

this is The result from the Dutch TV on Wednesday evening released the first Trend, on the basis of surveys conducted among voters. The First chamber is to be compared with the German Federal Council. The big winner is the right-wing populist Forum for democracy, according to the forecast.

This Anti-immigration party was, therefore, right away the second strongest force with 13 percent. So far, the Forum was not represented in the First chamber and also in the regional parliaments. But now the party of the right outer Thierry Baudet, who is also clearly anti-European and a climate protection policy which rejects, in some regions, according to the first forecasts of even the strongest force. The Anti-Islam party for freedom of Geert Wilders suffered against significant losses. Strong gains, the green party achieved.

The election had been overshadowed by the fatal shooting in Utrecht from Monday. The Dutchman chose the 570 members of their regional parliaments, and certain it also, indirectly, the composition of the First chamber.

The right-wing liberal VVD of Prime Rutte had to accept losses, and probably remains about 16 percent of the strongest force. Stronger its coalition partner lost. The loss of the majority in the First chamber of the Parliament is rated Rutte as a significant weakening for the government. She is now dependent on the support of the Opposition to the law project.

On Monday, a man in Utrecht was shot in a tram, three people and three more seriously injured. The police does not exclude a terrorist motive. The main suspect, a 37-year-old Turkish-born man. The Chairman of the forum for democracy and the freedom party had made the government parties for the shooting death of co-responsibility, and a direct reference to immigration made.