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What to watch this week (November 16-22) on Netflix

Netflix is responsible for bringing a great lineup of shows every week and fans cannot hold their excitement. Nowadays due to pandemic people have more free time and they can watch their favorite shows to entertain them. There are hundreds of shows available across different streaming websites. Sometimes it becomes difficult to choose the best one. We are here to solve your issue so you can keep a track of all the new releases that arrive week after week. Here is a list of some upcoming films and show that will release on Netflix. You can check out all the details below:

His dark materials season 2

his dark materials

The adventures of Lyra will continue even in the second season of his dark materials. It is an epic fantasy series that will take you all on a great journey. The new season is based on the subtle knife that is one of the biggest selling trilogies by Philip Pullman. Lyra has got a new friend and they will give each other good company to venture into a strange world. They need to discover a lot more about dust and it will bring out many new twists and turns. The series will be releasing on November 17th on Foxtel and stars Lin-Manuel Miranda, Ruth Wilson, Ruta Gedmintas.

Kevin Hart: Zero Fucks Given

kevin 1

The latest trailer of Kevin Hart: Zero Fucks give is impressive and many people are watching it. The standup comedian is going to take you into his living room and act with a lot of comforts. He will joke about the latest happenings during the lockdown and pandemic. It is going to release on November 17th so you all can enjoy it.

We Are the Champions

we are the champion

We are the champions to explore different competitions like frog jumping and fantasy hairstyling. It is a unique series that you let all the audience explore the six competitions in great detail. The brand new docuseries features everything in a very realistic way. You can watch it on Netflix as it will release on 17th November.

Voices of Fire

voices of fire

Voices of Fire is another great reality show that will have some of the best competitors. You will be happy to know that Pharrell Williams joins his uncle Bishop Ezekiel Williams to search for the best talent. The series will feature only six episodes and it is going to be a realistic and authentic reality TV series never seen before. It is going to release on Netflix on 20th November so mark your calendars so you don’t miss out.

Dolly Parton’s Christmas on the Square

christmas on the square

If you want to get into the spirit of holidays don’t forget to watch Christmas on the square. It is a festive musical, that will satisfy all the music lovers like never before. The plot revolves around snobbish women who want all the residents of her hometown to evict the area on Christmas night. When she is planning all these acts she gets to meet an angel that is played by Dolly Parton. She will warm up her heart and start caring about others too. It will release on November 22nd on Netflix.

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