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Netflix Originals Coming To Netflix In January 2020

We know many people are really anxious to know about Netflix originals coming to Netflix after the New Year starts. Can you believe we are going to discuss all the details about it? Mark your calendars and do not forget to watch it online as soon as it arrives. Let’s discuss the details below.

Anne with an E (season 3)

Anne with an E is coming out with a season 3 and now the story will revolve around Anne’s entry into the world of Green Gables. The show was very much praised and loved by the audience for the previous two seasons. This time the story is again going to be very interesting. It is coming out on January 3rd. As soon as your Christmas holidays and New Year celebrations are done you can watch it and have fun. It was loved by the Canadian audience.

Ares (Season 1)

This is releasing on the 17th of January on Netflix. It is a horror drama with a touch of thriller added to it. It’s about two friends Rosa and Jacob who have to surrender to the power and money.

Nailed it Germany (season1)

Nailed it going to release on Netflix on January 17th. This is a famous series that had a lot of spin offs in various languages in 2019. Now the German version is coming up to please the viewers.

Bojack Horseman (Season 6 – Part 2)

With part 2 of season 6, Bojack Horseman series is about to end. Those who loved the part1 cannot wait for part 2 to come out. Your wait is finally over as this will be releasing on 31st January.

Grace and Frankie (Season 6)

This is one of the most loved series on Netflix. It’s from the makers of friends and a great comedy series for people of all ages. As the audience keeps loving it the makers keep coming up with new seasons every time. We hope that the quality remains the same throughout the series run. We are yet to know about the details of the release date. We hope it comes out soon. It will be the longest series of Netflix and will feature 94 episodes for this season. The audience really loved to see the journey of Grace and Frankie who have been living life to the fullest even after going through unfortunate breakups.

Rumored Netflix releases in Jan 2020

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Money Heist / La Casa De Papel

According to some unconfirmed reports the new season of this magnificent series is about to release in January. However, nothing is concrete. As the fourth season is arriving all the viewers are anxious to watch it. But it seems they have to wait a little more.

Uncut Gems

Fans of Adam Sandler will be happier than ever as there is a strong buzz that the movie will be releasing on the Netflix UK in January 2020. However, a solid release date has not been announced yet. So keep your fingers crossed and enjoy the fun ride when it begins.


This series has been getting a lot of limelight since the time it has gone on floors. The makers have promised a very unique concept making all the move lovers happier than ever.BBC has co-produced this series and is expected to release in January 2020.

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Final thoughts

With so many amazing movies and series lined up in 2020, all the entertainment lovers are in for a great ride. Keep yourself up to date with the latest news and buzz so you don’t miss out on any of the fun. What can be more interesting than watching your favorite show or movie on a weekend night?

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Teodora Torrendo
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