Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu will not as announced to come to the Munich security conference. A spokesman for the conference told the German press Agency on Sunday that the cancellation was made more than a week ago – shortly after the conference head Wolfgang Ischinger had announced the Coming of Netanyahu’s open to the public.

Now the political experts, the most important security of the second high-profile guest meet world’s already lost. Already on Thursday the cancellation of the French President, Emmanuel Macron, had become known, wanted to actually occur together with German Chancellor Angela Merkel in Munich. The reasons are still unclear.

This also applies to the cancellation of Netanyahu’s. The conference speaker did not want to make a comment and referred to the office of Netanyahu’s in Jerusalem. A spokesman declined to comment. From the Israeli side, the trip had been announced after Munich, never officially. A week ago, the office of Netanyahu said that the Prime Minister takes part in the security conference on Wednesday and Thursday at a conference on the middle East in Warsaw.

This conference will be hosted by Poland and the United States, and critics considered Anti-Iran conference. Possibly some Western European foreign Ministers will not be there for it. Who takes part of the German side, is still unclear.

Iran and Israel, are deeply hostile to the. In Munich, however, often high-level representatives from both countries were represented. They sat, but never together on the Podium. In the past year, the successive appearances of Netanyahu and Iranian foreign Minister Mohammed Zarif, the highlight of the security conference.

Netanyahu presented in his speech the debris of a downed drone, which will come from Iran. To the address Sarifs he said: “Mr. Sarif, you recognize that? It belongs to you. You can take it with a message to the bullies with back to Tehran: our determination is not on the test.” Zarif described the appearance by Netanyahu, then as a “circus”.

The Iranian foreign Minister will also be in this year. The conflicts in the Middle East this coming Sunday at the conclusion of the three-day conference, the main topic. The Israeli government will send as things Stand now, no one from the first row to Munich. From the ministries of foreign Affairs and defense high-level representatives, but not the Minister announced.

The cancellation of Netanyahu’s doesn’t have to be necessarily motivated in its foreign policy. The Prime Minister is politically strong under pressure. On 9. April chooses Israel a new Parliament, and Netanyahu threatens to before a decision of the attorney General because of allegations of corruption against him. It is expected that the top lawyer will recommend a charge depending on a hearing by Netanyahu.

there are with Benny, the Ex-chief of the Israeli armed forces and founder of the party of resistance to Israel, for the first time in years a serious competitor for the incumbent head of government. The Israeli newspaper “Maariv” had recently reported that Netanyahu will shorten due to the tense situation in Israel may be his stays abroad in the coming weeks.

German Chancellor Angela Merkel pointed to with a view to the safety conference, the importance of multilateralism. “The Belief that we can win
to each other more than if we work against each other, is up for debate,” she said in her at the weekend released a video message. She will work at the conference as “very strong” to ensure that multi-obtain lateral structures and further developed. In the face of new conflicts and new challenges, such as terrorism, the talk today is “at least as important as during the Cold war”.

The Munich conference was called in this time. You meet the greatest experts on the subject of security policy in the world. From Friday to Sunday of February, about 90 Ministers, as well as 30 heads of state and government are expected. Among the speakers were US Vice-President Mike Pence is in addition to Merkel. From the United States, Nancy Pelosi, the Chairman of the house of representatives and opponent of U.S. President Donald Trump.