You would think that every house owner must decide how he is fencing his property, especially in the freedom – loving North America. Not quite as simple as it is, however, of how a neighborhood dispute from Santa Rosa, California, shows. In order to keep his dogs on the property and to create more privacy, built, Jason Windus is a man of high wooden fence around his property. Shortly thereafter, he receives Mail from the city: A neighbor had complained, because the fence was too high. Now he is to be shortened, otherwise a hefty penalty, the threat he told to the US-American news magazine, ABC7.

As a friend of Windu’s with the chain saw comes and half of the fence height away, he is said to have, he would have caved. But Jason Windus can’t be beat. “They wanted me to the fence soon so you can see what happens on my property. Now I have given you something to Look at.” And he really has.

Five naked mannequins sitting with a pensive expression on his garden furniture. The nipples of the women are covered in sheets of paper, the arms to the part lasciviously stretched upwards. You look in the direction of the neighbors, looking forward to the supposed Anschwärzer. So it might be, at least, because up until now, Jason Windus don’t know which of his neighbors in the city complained. In the event that he wants to give to realize, Windu’s reserved a special place. In züchtiger distance to the naturist garden party, an empty garden chair, next to a sign: “Reserved Seating for the curious neighbor who complained about my fence.” Jason Windus has thought of everything.

The generous party guests had kept Windus in front of the junkyard and wanted to use them for shooting practice. “Now you serve a higher purpose,” he tells the ABC Reporter. Remains to hope, that soon a new letter in flutters and him for disturbing the peace prosecuted – because the male dolls are the Fig leaves were assumed to be, apparently.