US President Donald Trump receives today, the Nato Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg at the White house in Washington. Nato celebrates on Thursday its 70-year anniversary.

On 4. April 1949 had closed twelve of the countries of Europe and North America in the U.S. capital to the North Atlantic Treaty. On the occasion of the anniversary, the foreign Ministers of the Nato countries to come together on Wednesday and Thursday in Washington. On Wednesday, Stoltenberg will also hold a speech before the US Congress.

the White house said in advance, Trump, and Stoltenberg wanted during their Meeting at the White house on the occasion of the 70. Anniversary of the talk “the importance of Nato as a bulwark for international peace and stability” and on the achievements of the Alliance – including the recently increasing contribution of the European partners in burden-sharing within the Alliance. The coming challenges for Nato to be an issue.

The US President complained for a long time an unfair burden-sharing in the military Alliance and attacked Germany in particular because of the comparatively low share of its defense expenditures in the Federal budget. At a Nato summit meeting last summer in Brussels, Trump had not even excluded the possibility of an exit of the USA from the Alliance, should not spend all of the Alliance partners immediately, two percent of their gross domestic product for defense.