To the end of a two-day meeting in Brussels, the defence Ministers of the Nato countries advised bets today on the ongoing Alliance.

A focus of the talks is likely to be the U.S. efforts, to move the radical Islamic Taliban on a political settlement of the Afghanistan conflict. This should pave the way for an American troop withdrawal, which should, in turn, have significant consequences for the Training mission of Nato in Afghanistan.

According to official data, of the Alliance, the US were involved last 8475 soldiers in the Resolute Support Mission (RSM). They represented approximately half of the currently 16.919 forces.

In Nato the U.S. plans for Afghanistan very critical. There are fears that it could come in the case of a rapid withdrawal of the ISAF troops again to Reverse progress in democracy and human rights.

Nato Secretary-General Jens Stoltenberg did not want to speculate on Wednesday about a possible impending partial withdrawal of American soldiers. “There is no decision yet on any type of retreat,” he said. At the same time, he pointed out that Nato is standing behind US efforts for a peaceful solution to the conflict with the Taliban. “We don’t want to, of course, remain forever in Afghanistan,” he said. The aim of the Nato, it was only to fight terrorism in the country and Afghan security forces to train and advise.

Other topics of the Ministerial meeting of the Nato missions in Iraq and Kosovo, as well as the coordination with the EU. In addition, it is one of the UK organised a working Breakfast with representatives of Ukraine.