70 years Ago, representatives from Belgium , Denmark, France, great Britain, Iceland, Italy, Canada, Luxembourg, the Netherlands, Norway, Portugal and the United States signed a Treaty which should determine the world order in the following decades: the North Atlantic Pact.

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1989 – Europe’s year of destiny and The Cold war: The forces of the super powers to be measured in the shadow of the atomic bomb secret services – the history of the SpionageDie GDR

The Federal Republic joined the TRANS-Atlantic defense Alliance in 1955, and a Central battleground in the Cold war. In the West, the Nato, in the East the Warsaw Pact. Armed to the teeth, the two blocks were ready at any time to lead to a (nuclear)war with unpredictable consequences. The battlefield would have been the first of Germany, plans were in the military of both sides in the drawers.

70 years of Nato: relics of the Cold war in Germany

The Federal government’s arrangements for the serious case met in order to protect themselves and the population or the enemy. With the fall of the Berlin wall on 9. November 1989 the Cold war was overcome. The Communist bloc disintegrated in the following years, the Warsaw Pact was dissolved. The danger of a third world war was averted.

remember, However, even now, 70 years after the founding of Nato, and 30 years after its Triumph with the end of the old world order, in Germany, numerous relics of the Cold war and the decades-long threat. Traces of a world of yesterday, accompanied us today – as well as the North Atlantic Pact.

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