The Nasa probe “New Horizons” is successful, the farthest from the earth away, to Rendezvous with a celestial body. About ten hours later, Nasa received the Signal that the flyby of the approximately 6.5 billion kilometers distant object “Ultima Thule” has been successfully completed.

The probe was still in good condition and it is a lot of data had been collected, with informed Nasa. Nasa chief Jim bride Stine thanked the “New Horizons”Team, that it’s “written history”.

First photos of the “Ultima Thule” show that the object is about 32 times 16 kilometers in size and either one or two objects around each other flying around. “New Horizons” was approximately 51 500 kilometers per hour in around 3500 kilometers distance to the “Ultima Thule” in the so-called Kuiper belt, flew past. The celestial body was, as yet, extremely little is known. “The data we have, look fantastic, and we learn a lot from the flight,” said mission head Alan Stern. “From now on, the data will be only better.” Until all the data are downloaded, it can take around 20 months.

The 700-million-Euro “New Horizons”Mission has a lot: In January 2006, the probe was launched from the spaceport at Cape Canaveral in the U.S. state of Florida, and then on numerous planets coming in. 2015 happened to be the first flight of the body of Pluto.

another record, the probe “Osiris Rex”, which is embarking in an extremely close orbit around the asteroid Bennu. They circled since Monday evening, 1.75 km distance from the asteroid’s core to Bennu. So dense was approaching never before had a space vehicle, its object of investigation, told the American astronomical society.

in Addition, Bennu with a diameter of 500 meters, was the smallest object in All of ever to be orbited by a probe. “Osiris Rex” to orbit, according to the Bennu until the middle of February once in 62 hours. The researchers hope to learn more about Bennu. After about two years, and more than 650 million kilometres, Osiris Rex had arrived “” at the beginning of December at the asteroid.

If everything goes according to Plan, will approach the approximately six metres long and 2100-kilogram probe in 2020 Bennu so that you can get a sample of 60 to 2000 grams. 2023 to return a capsule with the sample to earth. Of the approximately one billion-Dollar Mission, the Nasa scientists hope to gain insights on the formation of the solar system.

The deep black Bennu could come to the earth in more than 150 years. Even if the impact risk is very low, is one of the Nasa Bennu to the most dangerous of the currently known asteroids.


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