The US space Agency Nasa has declared the Mission of the Mars Rover “Opportunity” is officially over, now that it has given over the months, no signs of life from the robot.

Nasa experts said they had heard, in spite of all efforts, nothing more of the Rover, her beloved robot remained silent. The Mission will be terminated. 10. June had sent “Opportunity,” his last message. After that, a gigantic dust storm plated the planet, and the robot fell silent, and was not available for the control center.

The Rover was launched in July 2003 on Board of a carrier rocket from the spaceport of Cape Canaveral and about a year and a half later, on may 25. In January 2004, landed on Mars. Since then, the 185-pound, six-wheeled Rover rolled across the surface of Mars – not without niggles, but with remarkable perseverance. Actually, his Mission had been created just days to 90 days. In 2007, Opportunity “(opportunity) had survived” a much larger storm.