After the shooting down of a satellite by India, the resulting space debris in jeopardy, according to Nasa chief Jim bride Stine ISS, the International space station.

India had tested last Wednesday by the Shoot down of its own satellites a successful Anti-satellite missile.

After a first assessment of the risk that the ISS with a small scrap share had increased this conflict, in a period of ten days to 44 per cent, said the bride Stine on Monday (local time) at a meeting of Nasa employees in the headquarters of the U.S. space Agency in Washington. 24 of these parts above the erdfernsten point of the ISS. He called it “terrible” and “unacceptable”. “This type of activity is the future of human space travel not compatible.”

After all the scrap in a relatively low earth orbit, so that it’ll dissolve with time, bride Stine. Scrap parts from a Chinese Anti-satellite Test in 2007, however, are still in earth orbit.

The Indian Prime Minister Narendra modi had said after India’s Test in a televised address to the Nation, India was now, after the US, Russia and China – the only other countries that Anti-satellite weapons have been used – the fourth big power in All. It had been ensured that no space debris generated, it was from the Indian foreign Ministry.

The German Astronaut Matthias Maurer has criticised India’s Test sharp. “A satellite shoot down, to prove that it is a world power room, shows not only that it is,” he wrote on Twitter. “No responsible space power contributes voluntarily to the creation of space junk!”